In October 2017, Fox’s highly publicised X-Men spin-off TV series, The Gifted hit screens. For a short period of time, the show received a fair amount of advertising and was surrounded by a lot of chatter, and then it just disappeared without a trace – because it was cancelled!

Do you know why it was cancelled?


Oh boy, I’d best provide some answers then!

In this post I will explain why The Gifted was cancelled, and also answer some common questions about the show. Read on for details.


Why was The Gifted cancelled?

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From the late 1990s until 2019, 20th Century Fox held the rights to produce films based on Marvel Comics characters, the X-Men. After testing the waters with a television movie called Generation X (1996), Fox finally got the film series under way with 2000’s X-Men.

Fox then produced multiple X-Men movies, many of which became huge box office hits. Moving forward, the plan was to further expand the X-Men universe with tie-in television shows, like The Gifted.

But in 2019, Disney bought Fox. This purchase included an incredible collection of back catalogue titles, including all of the X-Men films.

As Disney already had its own cinematic universe in the shape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it had no desire to keep the X-Men series going. Therefore, the decision was made to conclude Fox’s run of X-Men films, so the characters could eventually be (re)introduced in the MCU.

One of the casualties of this swift cancellation of the X-Men movie series was The Gifted. The Gifted was envisioned as a side-series to accompany Fox’s collection of X-Men movies, but without the movies there was no need to keep this TV show going.

In April 2019, news broke that The Gifted was officially canned. Although the door had been left open for more episodes, it was simply not to be because Disney no longer had a use for the show.


Was The Gifted part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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No, as noted above, The Gifted was not created to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Gifted was instead part of FOX’s X-Men Cinematic Universe (X-Men (2000), Logan (2017) etc), albeit set in one of the many alternate timelines from the movies.

How many seasons of The Gifted were there?

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Two seasons of The Gifted were produced.


How many episodes of The Gifted are there?

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Season One of The Gifted comprised 13 episodes. Season Two of The Gifted comprised 16 episodes.

What mutants appeared in The Gifted?

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The main mutants that appeared in The Gifted included:

  • Blink
  • Polaris
  • Eclipse
  • Thunderbird
  • Andy & Lauren Strucker (Fenris II)
  • The Stepford Cuckoos
  • Evangeline Whedon
  • The Morlocks
  • Reeva Payge

Who was Polaris’s father in The Gifted?

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Although he was not directly mentioned by name, Lorna’s father was supposed to be Magneto.


Did Magneto and Professor Xavier appear in The Gifted?

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No – neither Magneto nor Professor Xavier appeared in The Gifted.

Did the X-Men appear in The Gifted?

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No. The X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants were regularly referenced in the show, but they did not appear in The Gifted.

Who were the main villains of The Gifted?

The main villains who appeared in The Gifted included:

  • Roderick Campbell
  • Sentinel Services
  • The Inner Circle
  • The Purifiers

Did the Sentinels appear in The Gifted?

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No. Sentinel Services – an offshoot of the Sentinels – appeared in The Gifted and there were multiple references to Trask Industries, the creators of the Sentinels, but the mutant-hunting robots themselves did not appear in the show.

Was Roderick Campbell someone important in The Gifted?

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In the comics, Roderick Campbell is the super villain known as Ahab. In The Gifted, Campbell was introduced… but then killed off before he could become Ahab in the show.

Was the TV show Legion connected to The Gifted?

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Legion was also an X-Men spin-off show which aired around the same time, but it took place in one of the many alternate timelines which existed in FOX’s X-Men Cinematic Universe. The shows were not connected.

Did Wolverine appear in The Gifted?

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No, Wolverine did not appear in The Gifted and he was never mentioned.

Did Deadpool appear in The Gifted?

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No, Deadpool did not appear in The Gifted. He has also not mentioned in the show.


How did The Gifted end?

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The show was left on an ambiguous cliffhanger and very open-ended. Some characters were killed off, while it was also suggested that maybe a multiverse or a dystopian future was being set up for the next season – but of course, that never happened.


OK, so those are the most commonly asked questions. Hopefully this gives you the answers you seek.

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