Season Two of X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted continues on UK TV screens tonight with episode nine – gaMe changer. I’ll be blogging along live from 9pm, so why not follow along too.

Oh and if you’re running a little bit behind, then here are the blog entries for: eMergenceunMoored, coMplicationsoutMatchedafterMathiMprintno Mercy and the dreaM.

Read, digest and then come back for more.

I’ll see you here just before 9pm.


8:59pm – I’m here!

9:01pm – It’s starting.

9:02pm – If you just missed the announcement before this episode started, this is the mid-season finale. After tonight the show is on a break until January.

9:03pm – A flashback involving Twist. This can’t end well.

9:05pm – The Cuckoos are snappy dressers.

9:09pm – I feel like Turner has become radicalised. 

9:11pm – First ad break of the night and so far, not much has happened. So, while we all await the next part of the episode let me tell you now – Lois Lane actress Amy Adams is no longer playing the role in Warner Bros. Pictures series of DC films. I just posted news if you want more details.

9:16pm – Andy is (once again) questioning this new mission he’s on.

9:18pm – A mention for the X-Men again. COME ON – TELL US WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!

9:20pm – Don’t trust this woman – she’s clearly evil.

9:24pm – I wish someone would show me what an angry mutant was like – I need more action in this show!

9:25pm – Bloomin’ heck – another break!


9:32pm – Hmm… she wants more info on Andy. Yeah, she is not to be trusted. 

9:35pm – Nine episodes in, things are happening but I still feel like The Gifted is simmering rather than bubbling. This show needs to pick up the pace.

9:38pm – Breaking Twist out of her prison is probably not the best idea. She is a little unhinged. 

9:39pm – Yep – told ya. She wants revenge. 

9:40pm – Has he just killed her?

9:41pm – Oh… 

9:47pm – While we’re still in break No.3, you may like to know I’ve just posted a review round-up for Bumblebee. The initial buzz is good!

9:48pm – Turner is going to shoot a mutant, isn’t he? 

9:49pm – So today’s mission is… *rolls dice* …to destroy the power dampening collars. 

9:52pm – “No, I’m rescuing the human race.”

9:53pm – So, yeah – evil then.

9:54pm – Madeline should probably learn to keep quiet when she’s around mutants. 

9:55pm – Thunderbird has best not die.

9:56pm – Andy and Polaris have just deactivated all of the mutant collars. There’s going to be a lot of pissed off mutants out there looking for revenge. 

9:58pm – So… that’s it. Not a great mid-season finale if I’m being honest. I keep hoping the series will pick up, but I feel like it’s coasting a bit. Oh well, let’s see what January brings – there are seven episodes remaining.

9:59pm – Thank you for joining me for the last nine weeks. Let’s continue in the New Year. 

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