X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted returned to UK TV screens last weekend, to kick off its second season. The show returned with episode one, eMergence and this week it’s back with episode two, unMoored.

Last week I blogged along LIVE to offer up my thoughts and comments about the new episode. This week, as I spent the evening at a John Carpenter concert (more about that tomorrow), I was unable to blog along live.

But fear not – I’m still here to talk about The Gifted!

Following my return from said concert I’m now here, blogging along ‘as live’, as I watch the episode on demand. OK, it’s not quite the same as blogging live, but this is as good as I can manage this week.

Next week things will be back to normal and I will be here live! But for this week, here’s a rundown of unMoored.

1min – Tonight’s episode of The Gifted is directed by Steven DePaul. If that name sounds familiar it’s because DePaul directed Threat of eXtinction – the 8th episode of The Gifted. That was the episode where we learnt that Reed was/is a mutant.

1min 30secs – To recap from last week, Polaris has given birth to a daughter called, Dawn. It’s unclear if Dawn will be an important mutant in the grand scheme of things, but let’s presume that’s the case.

2mins – Right, we’re in flashback territory as this episode opens up with a focus on Thunderbird’s past. Ooohh… and a reference to the X-Men “before they disappeared”. Are we ever going to find out what happened to the X-Men? I bloomin’ hope so!

6mins – A little bit of disharmony between the Cuckoos here. Could this lead to conflict later in the season? It would be interesting to see the girls split up, with one joining the Underground Mutants, the other remaining with the Inner Circle and a third… er… dying.

8mins – Lauren is having a dream about her brother, Andy. You may recall that Lauren had a similar dream last week. Is this some kind of premonition?

9mins – Oh… Andy is having the same dream too.

9mins 20secs – Agent Turner has put in an appearance. Last season, Turner was the most interesting character in the series, as he represented the ‘in between’ character who was stuck in the middle of the human/mutant conflict. The show needs more characters like Turner, so I hope the writers continue to develop him a little further.


14mins – While I’m on the subject of Turner, another interesting character from last season was Roderick Campbell. He was killed off in the Season One finale, but I kind of hoped he would return. As there has been no mention of his character, and the show seems to be moving in a different direction, I guess he really is dead. Shame – I wanted to see him become the super villain, Ahab.

17mins – Polaris seems to be up and about as usual. Not bad for someone who gave birth only last week.

20mins – A mention for the Purifiers there. I believe the Purifiers will be mentioned quite a bit over the coming season.

24mins – Andy is starting to doubt his choices. This is interesting. When Andy switched sides it seemed as though he was sure about what he wanted, but now it seems as if he’ll be making the wrong choices based on fear.

28mins 30secs – Reeva is being referenced as one of the most powerful mutants. Hmm… let’s see what she can do then. She’s no Magneto.

31mins – A mention there for the mutant, Erg. Erg is a character from the comics and is one of the underground dwelling mutants known as the Morlocks. Oh, and he wears an eye-patch.

36mins – A bit of conflict between Lauren and Reed. This family is just full of issues right now.

36mins 50secs – Oh and now Reed’s mutant abilities appear to be manifesting (again).

39mins – Caitlin can’t remember the last time she tasted champagne. Er… you’re an adult, love. Just walk down to your nearest supermarket and buy a bottle. You can even drink it for breakfast if you want. Treat yourself. Oh and you might as well pick up some Cheetos while you’re there. And a cheesecake.


41mins – Is it me or is this episode filled with a lot of flashbacks to previous episodes? The production team must be saving the budget for something good next week. Either that or the money has just been used to buy that bottle of champagne.

43mins – There’s something wrong with baby, Dawn!

43mins 30secs – And that’s the end of the episode. A bit of a slow one this week, following a so-so story last week. Let’s hope things pick up a little next week. Perhaps less talking and a little more action? Presumably next week we’ll find out what’s happening to Dawn.

That’s all for tonight’s jaunt into the world of The Gifted. Thank you for checking in for this NOT LIVE rundown. Next week I will be here LIVE, so it’ll be business as usual for episode three which is titled, coMplications.

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