X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted begins its second season tonight with episode one, eMergence. In the UK, the show is broadcast at 9pm on FOX and we’re approximately three weeks behind our US cousins.

Last season, as the show aired, I blogged along LIVE (via the Honcho-SFX blog) to offer up my thoughts and comments about each new episode. This season will be no different, except I will be blogging along LIVE on It’s A Stampede!.

Check back at 9pm to read all about eMergence, while you watch the episode at home.


8:01pm – Just checking in. I’ll be back in just under an hour to get tonight’s live blog going. For those that have not seen any episodes of The Gifted before… er… you’ve got about 13 episodes to catch up on! Yeah, I’m not sure you’re going to have time to cram all 13 in before 9pm. It’s lucky for you then that back in July I published a Season One re-cap of The Gifted, highlighting all of the main story beats from the first season. Ain’t I good?!

8:05pm – Incidentally, for those wondering, this season of The Gifted will be 16 episodes long (three episodes longer than last year).

8:06pm – Right, I’ll be back just before 9pm.

8:55pm – I’m back!

8:56pm – If you’re watching along with me tonight then you’ll need to pop FOX on in a couple of minutes.

8:58pm – OK, so a couple of little nuggets of info before we start. Tonight’s episode, eMergence, is directed by Robert Duncan McNeill. Sound familiar? Well, you may know McNeill better as Tom Paris from Star Trek: Voyager.

8:59pm – Nugget of info Number Two: Last season, every episode of The Gifted had an ‘X’ in the title. This season, every episode has an ‘M’ in the title.


9pm – If you’re sticking with FOX after The Gifted has finished then you’ll be watching The Walking Dead, which is the Season Nine opener, I believe.

9:01pm – It’s starting… and we’re in ‘Previously on The Gifted‘ territory.

9:03pm – A discussion on mutant rights/dreams etc. Notice all the ‘Xs’ dotted around in the background?

9:04pm – So, this is Reeva Payge, who is better known in the comics as the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club.

9:06pm – You’ll notice we’ve just skipped along six months, which means Polaris is now heavily pregnant. I’m presuming she will give birth at some point within the next couple of episodes – if not this one.

9:07pm – Sentinel Services continue to show violence towards mutants. If you didn’t watch The Gifted last season then you missed some good stuff – including a lot of political commentary.

9:11pm – Amy Acker here, as Caitlin Strucker. I really like Acker, she’s a great actress. Last season she wasn’t given a great deal to do, so I really hope she gets a little more meat during this new run.

9:13pm – And we’re into the first ad break. OK, so let me take this opportunity to mention that this season of The Gifted is possibly the last season of the show. Nothing is official (yet), but Disney is set to take control of Fox properties from January 2019 and I really can’t see it keeping The Gifted going as the studio will be keen to restart the X-Men without any baggage. That said, stranger things have happened.

9:16pm – We’re about four adverts into this break and so far, no Christmas-themed ads!

9:21pm – There’s talk about previous members of the Hellfire Club, but no names mentioned. The Hellfire Club previously appeared in the movie, X-Men: First Class (2011), but it’s unclear if The Gifted exists in the same timeline as First Class. To be honest, with all the time-bending going on in the X-Men movie universe it’s hard to keep track of any of the timelines. Should you want a detailed rundown of all the possible timelines (and there are MANY) then check out my guide.

9:23pm – “You’re sexy when you do dishes.” Said no one ever.


9:25pm – Oh… something going on with Reed there. Last season it was established that Reed is a mutant, although his father managed to find a way to suppress his abilities.

9:26pm – Ad break two. That was quick.

9:33pm – Looks like Polaris is going to be giving birth in a plastic room. Kind of looks a bit like a prison room, doesn’t it?

9:38pm – It would appear that Amy Acker is getting more to do! Hurrah!

9:39pm – Another ad break. *Rolls eyes* This is why I don’t watch TV live anymore – too many bloomin’ adverts.

9:40pm – An advert for Cadbury’s Roses – that has to be a sort-of Christmas ad, right? Surely this is the only time of the year that Cadbury’s advertises Roses.

9:44pm – The Inner Circle has just been mentioned.

9:47pm – Reed is becoming a mutant (again).

9:52pm – Polaris’s powers are causing problems across the city. Now is a good time to step away from the silverware.

9:54pm – The Cuckoos are up to something…

9:55pm – So, is this a glimpse of the future or is it all a lie?

9:57pm – Polaris has given birth and all seems well. The baby is called, Dawn.

9:58pm – And that’s where the episode ends. An OK season opener, but nothing too exciting. Hopefully things will build from here and Dawn will become quite important. Either that or the baby will become part of a time travel plot that will see her aged into a toddler/adult – that’s what usually happens when children are introduced into sci-fi shows.

10pm – That’s all for tonight – thanks for joining me. Next week I won’t be here live, but there will be a post for The Gifted. Long story short, next Sunday I’m at a John Carpenter concert when The Gifted airs, so I can’t be in two places at once. Have no fear, a post will still appear, but it’ll be a little later when I watch the episode on catch-up.

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