Over the weekend, Marvel’s Iron Fist was cancelled. The show – which stars Finn Jones as Danny Rand aka the Immortal Iron Fist – will not return following the conclusion of its second season.

At present there’s no news on if Jones will reappear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although as it’s worth noting he has previously appeared in both The Defenders and Luke Cage, so it’s entirely possible. The remainder of the Marvel Netflix shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Punisher etc) will all continue with new seasons.

Cancelling Iron Fist is of course unfortunate for all the cast and crew involved with the show and I hope they go on to new things, but is it really a shame that the show has been cancelled? Who here is up-to-date with all of the Marvel Netflix shows?

OK, so some people. But it’s not easy keeping up, is it?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched the latest season of Iron Fist yet and with Daredevil Season 3 set to arrive later this week, the likelihood is that by the weekend I will be two shows behind, rather than just one. As much as I want to be up-to-date with these Marvel shows, as I genuinely enjoy the Netflix/Marvel collaborations, there’s a lot of TV to watch right now and it’s difficult to keep up.

I’m not saying this is a valid reason for cancelling a show, but will many people actually miss Iron Fist? This isn’t a post where I sound off about my hatred for Iron Fist – I actually didn’t mind the first season – I’m just saying is it a show that will be missed?

With the exception of The Defenders, I’ve enjoyed all of the Netflix/Marvel shows. The first season of Iron Fist was a little slow, but I didn’t hate it.

Now that said, the character never really struck a chord with me and I get the feeling that might have been the case with other viewers too (hence the cancellation). I feel like cancelling Iron Fist is actually a good thing in the long run.

Taking Iron Fist and The Defenders off the docket, Netflix still has four shows on rotation: Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and The Punisher. While each show can usually be polished off over the course of a weekend, for those who don’t like to binge-watch that’s still a lot of Marvel content to keep track of.

Would I like to see more heroes? Sure – who wouldn’t?! But not while the current crop of shows are in full swing. There simply isn’t any more time in my month… unless I solely devote my life to Marvel – and I’m not quite prepared to do that!

OK, so I’m exaggerating a little, but between the Netflix shows, the movies, the X-Men shows and all the stuff I don’t watch (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Cloak and Dagger, Runaways etc), there’s still a lot going on. Throw in the fact that I read a lot of Marvel comics too and yep, I’m pretty much covered for all my Marvel needs right now.

Cancelling Iron Fist actually gives me a breather. I know this isn’t just about me, but speaking for me (as I am me), it’s one less show that I need to keep track of and that’s OK.

As stated above, I didn’t hate Iron Fist but at the same time, it didn’t grab my attention in the same way as the other shows did. At this particular point in time, when I have so many other shows/films/comics vying for my attention, I really only want to be watching stellar content and if something isn’t cutting the mustard then perhaps it needs to go.

Finn Jones could be brought back as a guest star, should he be in agreement, but he doesn’t need to be the star of a show that’s not getting an amazing buzz. Harsh? Maybe. But I think justified.

For now, let Netflix continue with the other Marvel shows until such time as they run their course – which of course they will. When that happens, hopefully the Marvel/Netflix partnership can continue with new heroes, like Moon Knight, Blade or any one of thousands of characters in the Marvel portfolio.

For now, I’m good. I want to see more characters and more shows, but I don’t need them all now and I’m happy to let things go when the time is right. The time was right for Iron Fist to go and maybe this will start the process of eventually bringing in new heroes.

Old stuff needs to go to make way for the new.