Season Two of X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted continues on UK TV screens tonight with episode three – coMplications. I’ll be blogging along live from 9pm, so why not follow along too.

Oh and if you’re running a little bit behind, then here are the blog entries for episodes one and two – eMergence and unMoored. Read, digest and then come back for more.

I’ll see you here just before 9pm.


8:46pm – I’m here!

8:47pm – How has everyone’s weekend been? Did you all take part in some Halloween festivities? To see what I got up to this weekend, check out my 60 Days of Halloween updates for Days 55 & 56 and 57.

8:50pm – Right, enough about Halloween – it’s almost time for this week’s episode of The Gifted. This week’s episode is directed by Michael Goi.

9:01pm – It’s starting.

9:03pm – As is tradition with The Gifted, we’re starting the episode with a flashback. This time it’s focusing on Eclipse.

9:06pm – So the crux of this episode is for the Inner Circle to bring Eclipse and Polaris together. Meanwhile, Thunderbird and Blink are in search of Erg, who is a Morlock (aka a sewer-dwelling mutant).

9:08pm – Over the past couple of weeks we’ve started to see Reed’s mutant abilities begin to manifest. It’s not clear what his powers will be, but presumably we’ll find out shortly – this can’t drag out for a whole season.

9:11pm – And we’re into the first advert break. Nothing much has happened yet, but hopefully things will pick up a little this week.

9:14pm – While the ads are on, let’s talk about the future of The Gifted – do we think this show will survive beyond Season Two? I really feel like a big countdown is looming over this show, due to the Disney/Fox deal. If that is the case I really want the show to go out with a bang and not a whimper. Let’s get as many X-Men references, characters and plot points chucked into this show as we can – specifically those that link to the movies. Also, let’s FINALLY find out what happened to the X-Men. This is something which really needs to be addressed now.

9:19pm – Blink and Thunderbird are on a hunt for Erg. This will be the show’s first brush with the Morlocks. The Morlocks have kind of, sort of, appeared in the X-Men movies before. In X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), Magneto recruited a bunch of mutants and they were a version of the Morlocks.

9:23pm – Reed’s powers are manifesting again and it appears pretty clear – he has hot hands!

9:24pm – I’m sure there’s a more appropriate name for his abilities.

9:26pm – Morlocks with guns! Well, it’s cheaper than giving them powers.

9:28pm – Ad break two. Oooohh… and an ad for a mop.

9:34pm – I’m racking my brain to think of an X-Men character called Aurora and the only one I can think of is a member of Alpha Flight. I guess this could just be a coincidence.


9:37pm – Reed and Lauren are on the run. As much as I like The Gifted (and I do), every week a character always seems to be on the run and it’s getting a bit repetitive.

9:38pm – The Morlocks!

9:39pm – A mention for the X-Men!

9:40pm – A little bit of background on Erg. The character first appeared in comics in 1985, via the pages of Power Pack. His ability – in the comics at least – is to absorb energy and to release it as electricity.

9:41pm – An interesting exchange here between Reed and Lauren.

9:42pm – Basically, Lauren was saying that when her powers first manifested (due to an uncomfortable experience) she should have been able to speak to her parents about it. However, Reed made a comment about protecting her from mutants, not realising she was a mutant and it made her feel even more isolated. This is an interesting point to note as this sort of situation could be applied to someone who is gay/lesbian and who doesn’t come out to family because of some off the cuff remark that does more harm than good.

9:45pm – Eclipse is starting to unravel the Inner Circle’s plans… and the Circle’s deception.

9:46pm – And into the adverts again, including another ad for Rick’s big exit on The Walking Dead.

9:54pm – Eclipse looks pissed!

9:55pm – An all-out battle between the Underground and the Inner Circle would be most welcome.

9:56pm – Reed is finally opening up about his powers. About bloomin’ time!

9:57pm – The promise of a revolution, as this week’s episode of The Gifted ends.

9:58pm – You know, I really hope there is a revolution.

10pm – Hmmm… this week’s episode was pretty much on par with last week’s episode. I feel like things need to get a bit of a move on now – too much talking and not enough action. When the show hits its moments – such as the Reed/Lauren conversation – then it’s good, but these moments are hidden amongst a lot of hanging about.

10:01pm – I know it sounds like I’m bashing The Gifted, but I really feel like it has a lot more potential, it just needs to push itself a bit more. Anyway, that was episode three.

10:02pm – I’ll be back next week for episode four, outMatched. Thanks for joining me tonight.

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