60 Days of Halloween continued today with a heck of a lot of TV.

First up, I kick-started the day with one of my all-time favourite cartoon shows – and a regular within my Halloween-a-thons – The Real Ghostbusters. 

This morning I watched a bunch of episodes of the show, including fan-favourites such as Citizen Ghost, Mrs Roger’s Neighbourhood and When Halloween Was Forever. I plan to watch a few more episodes this evening and will no doubt continue with random episodes of the show from now until Halloween.

In between all these episodes of The Real Ghostbusters, I’ve also been playing catching up on the latest season of Doctor Who. I’ve worked my way through the first three episodes of the season, to get me up-to-date, and so far so good.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve just watched the first episode of Netflix’s new horror series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The show is VERY different from the ’90s Sabrina, but based on this first episode alone it is off to a good start.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is very stylised, but it’s good. I just need to find the time to watch the remaining nine episodes of the series.

So yeah, it’s been a pretty busy day today.

Oh and before I forget, over the past couple of days, when I’ve been out and about, I’ve spotted a few monsters lurking around Manchester city centre.


Manchester has been invaded by monsters. They randomly appear around the city and look pretty awesome, right?

60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow. Things are starting to wind down a little now in my Halloween-a-thon, but there’s still three more days of tricks & treats to come.