If you’ve been following my ongoing series of blog posts titled 60 Days of Halloween, you’ll know that over the weekend, myself and my husband threw a small Halloween gathering for a few friends. During said event we dressed up for the occasion as Disney characters, Chip ‘n’ Dale.

We put the costumes together ourselves, without too much hassle, and although the costumes were specifically for our Halloween gathering, they could have been for any event really. So, if you’re looking for a way to cosplay Chip ‘n’ Dale or you’re simply curious, here is a guide to how we put the costumes together.

Oh and apologies for the low quality images. The camera and lighting was not good.


OK, so as you can see, these costumes are based on Chip ‘n’ Dale as they appeared in the cartoon, Rescue Rangers. This meant that we needed costume clothing in addition to the general chipmunk look – a hat/jacket combo for Chip and a Hawaiian shirt for Dale.

Let’s start with the chipmunk look first.

To create the chipmunk outfit it was really simple with just two elements required – a morph suit and a material chest piece. We simply bought two brown morph suits, then picked up some furry material from a fabric store and attached it accordingly.


A bit fiddly and a little time consuming, but easy to do and it did the trick.

Next up we needed to sort out the clothing…

For Chip, we found a fairly inexpensive aviator jacket from Primark and picked up a fancy dress fedora from eBay. For Dale, we bought a cheap red shirt (again from eBay) and then using some yellow material (from an old unwanted T-shirt) we created the pattern for the Hawaiian design.

From here it was just a case of putting together the makeup…


A few face paints (brown, white, red) helped to create the look. This was then topped off with a coloured hairspray, to lighten our hair and give it that chipmunk look.

The preparation work on the costume took a little while, but putting everything together on the night took around 30-40 minutes max.

Simple, but effective.

As our gathering was house-based, we didn’t need to worry about putting anything on our feet. Had we been leaving the house, then footwear would have had to be considered.

The simple solution to this, so long as it was dry outside, would have been to glue insoles to the bottom of the morph suit.

And there we go, Chip ‘n’ Dale cosplay. A little rough around the edges, but if you want to recreate this yourself then hopefully this has given you a step in the right direction.

And should you want more guides on costume creations, including Baxter Stockman, Bugs Bunny, the Joker or Marvel Zombies Spider-Man, then check out one of my previous posts.

Happy Halloween and happy cosplaying!

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