Season Two of X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted continues on UK TV screens tonight with episode four – outMatched. I’ll be blogging along live from 9pm, so why not follow along too.

Oh and if you’re running a little bit behind, then here are the blog entries for episodes one, two and three – eMergenceunMoored and coMplicationsRead, digest and then come back for more.

I’ll see you here just before 9pm.


8:59pm – I’m here! Are you?

9:01pm – It’s starting and as usual, there’s a recap.

9:02pm – I’m happy for the recap as I’m late starting tonight and I haven’t had time to talk about last week’s episode. Should you want to read more about last week, check out the previous post.

9:04pm – Reed is going to come clean about his powers. Great – now someone give him a costume! Give everyone a costume!

9:07pm – Reed needs training. Oh, please give him a training montage.

9:10pm – Thunderbird’s amazing ability to smash through doors.

9:11pm – And we’re already on the first ad break. An ad for Red Dead Redemption II – a game that seems to be everywhere at the moment. I can’t pass a bus without seeing an advert for this game. Any good? Anyone?

9:12pm – As we’re on the ad break, I’ll just take this moment to mention that earlier this evening I published a post about Batman: The Animated Series. This is the first in a series of posts focusing on the show now that it has been released on Blu-ray/HD. There will be more posts to come, so if you’re a fan of the show you should check back in over the coming week for more discussions about the series.

9:16pm – And we’re back. Oh and we’re with Turner.

9:20pm – Old Hellfire Club members have been bumped off. Shame we can’t see who they are.

9:21pm – OK… so we’re on morally questionable ground here as Caitlin is using extreme measures to get information.

9:25pm – This week’s mission of the week… *Rolls dice* is to rescue Andy.

9:26pm – Some interesting character stuff going on here with Turner. He’s lost his child, now his marriage has broken down and (from his point of view) it’s all because of mutants. Let’s see how this all plays out.

9:29pm – I do have to question the budget on The Gifted. It’s not the fact that the mutant abilities are used sparingly (to cut costs), it’s more the fact that very few background actors ever appear. Can this show not afford any extras?

9:30pm – It’s just an observation.

9:38pm – Ah, so this is one of the Purifiers and he’s trying to enlist Turner.

9:39pm – Again, this is where the meat of this show is – placing the ordinary man in a situation where he has to question what he thinks is right/wrong. The Purifiers are effectively an allegory for nationalists/nationalism. Turner doesn’t see himself as being like the Purifiers, but in many ways he is only a few steps away.


9:42pm – Caitlin is seriously compromising her ethics here.

9:43pm – Jeez, another ad break!

9:44pm – So, we’re four weeks into The Gifted Season Two and the best material is being given to Turner and Caitlin. That’s great and there is clearly some good stuff going on here, but bloomin’ heck this show needs a bit more action.

9:49pm – Has Lorna had her hair done?

9:50pm – Oh, so this is where all the extras have been hiding! Various mutants have just been let out of their hospital rooms and they’re all going crazy.

9:52pm – Is Andy starting to morph into Andy Warhol?

9:54pm – Remind me never to ask Caitlin for medical advice. Go in with an ingrowing toe nail and come out with a drug addiction.

9:56pm – “I’ve got some bad news, not only have you crossed over into questionable territory by giving a drug addict an overdose, but your daughter is having a bad day and your son is an arse.”

9:57pm – What did I say about Turner? Just a few steps away.

9:59pm – Oh… so, who was under the sheet?

10pm – And that’s a wrap for this week. A little more character development, but not much else. NEEDS MORE ACTION!

10:01pm – Thanks for joining me. More from The Gifted next Sunday. Night!

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