Following the Christmas break, I am back with a double dose of The Gifted – hurrah!

‘A double dose’, I hear you say?

Yep, the show returned to UK screens last week, but unfortunately I was unable to blog along live. So, in a moment I will be blogging along with episode ten, which I’m watching on catch-up, before popping back online tonight to blog along with episode 11.

Let’s get started.


1min – Ah good, the first minute provides a nice little catch-up; which is great as I have completely forgotten what happened!

2mins – So this episode is called eneMy of My eneMy and is directed by Greg Prange. Prange has previously worked on shows including One Tree Hill and Flipper (the ’90s remake).

3mins – Andy is looking perturbed. #StandardAndy

5mins 50secs – “You have to be stronger than him, Lauren.” No pressure then.

8mins – TV news being used to wind up the anti-mutant sentiment. If it’s not TV it’s the internet, newspapers etc. Sadly this is a major reflection of day-to-day life.

9mins – I really want Blink to do something awesome with her powers. I fear that will never happen.

10mins – Sorry to sound negative, I’m just getting a little frustrated with this show. Speaking of which…

11mins – There’s still no news on the future of The Gifted beyond this current season. Tonight’s episode will be episode 11 (of 16) – surely a decision needs to be made sharpish?

12mins – Turner has Thunderbird chained up.

14mins – “Let’s use the power tools.”

18mins 30secs – A group united! But… probably not for long.

20mins – This week’s episode feels more like a mid-season finale than a mid-season opener.

23mins – A nice little car journey. Could do with some decent music.

27mins 30secs – Sound the klaxon – the show mentioned the X-Men again!

29mins – This whole scene, with the Mutant Underground heading out to rescue Thunderbird feels slightly reminiscent of a scene from X-Men: First Class (2011), when Magneto & Professor Xavier meet Emma Frost for the first time. Only slightly.


32mins – I’m fine with Polaris wearing her headpiece/tiara thing, but I do wish she would adopt a proper costume too.

33mins 30secs – Turner is on the edge and Thunderbird is feeling the full brunt of his rage.

34mins – Finally some action!

36mins – Everyone is seriously pissed off in this episode. Andy is breaking bones and takin’ names!

39mins – Andy’s going to walk away again, isn’t he?

40mins – He’s gone to the extreme.

40mins 30secs – Andy’s journey has been one of the more interesting plot points of this second season. His move to extremism should have come earlier in the season (during some of the dull episodes) but at least we’ve reached this point. Hopefully, the Mutant Underground will find a way to bring him back from the edge.

Right, that’s it for now. I will be back just before nine o’clock tonight to LIVE blog my way through episode 11.

Here’s a promo…

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