I have never watched Flubber.

Oh, I’ve watched a clip here, I’ve caught a scene there, but I’ve never sat down to view the movie. And it’s not like I haven’t had the opportunity; Flubber has been on television countless times.

I think the reason I’ve not watched Flubber is possibly an age thing. The film came out in 1997, when I was around the age of 16. At this particular point in time I was going through the ‘teenage phase’ where I felt like Flubber was simply too young for me – and let’s be honest, it was.

Of course, now that I’m *cough* older, I’m of the age where I’ll watch almost anything. I also spend most of my time wishing I was 16.

Alas, I am not 16 – but I can still watch Flubber with fresh eyes!


So, my understanding of this film is that Robin Williams plays an inventor who creates a bouncy substance called Flubber. Hilarity ensues, right?

Right, I’m ready. Let’s see what you got for me!


*Clicks the play button*

1min 30secs – So… Danny Elfman wrote the music for this film, right? It definitely sounds like Elfman. I’m getting Spider-Man/Batman vibes-a-plenty.

2mins 30secs – Yep, the music is the work of Elfman.

3mins 30secs – OK, so the film has started with Robin Williams demonstrating that he’s an absent minded professor. I’m now getting Honey I Shrunk the Kids vibes.


5mins 30secs – Robin Williams has just walked into a life drawing class by mistake. Or at least… that’s what he wants everyone to think. I once walked into a male strip club by mistake. Or at least… that’s what I wanted my husband to think.

6mins – I’m joking – he knows I went into that club simply to ask for directions on how to get AWAY from there. Is it my fault that I then spent an hour trying to find the way out?! Is it?!

12mins – I’m 12 minutes into this movie – wheres the Flubber? Show me the Flubber!

15mins – Ah, there it is!

15mins 30secs – So, Robin Williams has just inadvertently created slime!

Image: ©Walt Disney Pictures

16mins – I’m just trying to think if slime was particularly popular in 1997. I guess it would have been, right? I can’t recall. I know slime was VERY popular in the ’80s and into the early ’90s, with numerous toys (He-Man, Turtles, Ghostbusters etc), incorporating slime into their toy lines, but was it still as popular by the time this film hit cinema screens?

16mins 30secs – Does slime ever go out of fashion? Answers on a postcard (or in the comments section) please.

20mins – Oh, so it’s not slime; it’s flying rubber – hence the name, Flubber. Makes sense.


26mins – Wil Wheaton is in this movie?!

29mins – Clancy Brown is also in this film. As is Ted ‘Buffalo Bill’ Levine! Why has no one made him say:“It puts the Flubber in the basket”?

30mins – Clancy Brown and Ted Levine are dicking about outside the house of Robin Williams. I’m now starting to get a Home Alone vibe.

33mins – And now for a scene with a flying car… which is giving me Back to the Future II vibes.

39mins – Hmm… I’m less than half-way through this film and I have to say, I’m rather bored. Every few minutes I’m reminded of better films than this one and it’s making me want to watch those movies instead.

40mins – I feel like Robin Williams is holding back a little in this movie. Where’s the OTT Williams I know and love?

49mins – The Flubber is doing a dance routine. I think I’m supposed to be impressed by the effects here. I’m not.

Image: ©Walt Disney Pictures

49mins 10secs – Would I have been impressed by the Flubber dancing sequence back in 1997? Maybe. I was impressed with the graphics on the Playstation back in ’97, so who knows.

49mins 20secs – I’m not hating on the Playstation by the way, but the graphics weren’t that great.

51mins – Robin Williams is using Flubber to cheat at a win a basketball game. See kids, you don’t need to work hard to win, you just need an advantage to screw over the competition!

1hr 3mins – Ted Levine is wasted in this movie; as is Clancy Brown.


1hr 5mins – So, Robin Williams is going to sell Flubber to Ford, so that the world can benefit from flying cars! Yeah, I think Flubber could be put to much better use than by giving humanity yet another way to increase the carbon footprint.

1hr 7mins – Clancy Brown and Ted Levine are breaking into the home of Robin Williams. Once again, the movie has gone very ‘Home Alone‘.

1hr 10mins – Robin Williams’ best friend (a robot) has died. For the first time in over an hour, Flubber is finally bringing something worthwhile to the table. Well… almost worthwhile.

1hr 19mins – I’m into the final ten minutes and things have gone full-on slapstick with Robin Williams bouncing off walls. This is possibly the best part of what has been a very boring film.

*Clicks stop*


Dull. I am very sorry if you are a fan of Flubber, and I know this movie has legions of fans, but I simply didn’t enjoy anything here. Williams is more restrained than usual; the effects are nothing special; and the story is lacklustre. This whole film feels like a missed opportunity and I expected much more.

Maybe it really is an age thing, and maybe now I am simply too old for this one. Actually, no, I don’t think it is an age thing – this is just a very average film that should be better. Combining a hyperactive actor such as Williams, with a substance that can bounce off walls should provide gag, after gag, after gag; but it doesn’t.

A missed opportunity and one that ultimately drags. I was going to say this film is watchable, but I don’t believe I could ever sit through it again. As far as I am concerned, this is a big miss.


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