The 1990s was pretty awesome. I know this, you know this, and anyone who lived through the ‘90s knows this.

And as it happens, musician Jensen Reed, actor Ben Giroux, singer Jared Lee and singer/actor Garrett Clayton also know the ‘90s were bloomin’ awesome. That’s why, a few years ago, they created a truly brilliant, music video inspired by the decade.


The video – called Back to the ‘90s – is described as “your entire childhood in under five minutes”. It takes a look back at yesteryear, via a series of ’90s-inspired references and pop iconography.

From the Backstreet Boys, the Power Rangers, and O.J. Simpson, to Bob Ross, the Rugrats and Kenan & Kel, the video is loaded with cool references. Heck, there’s even room for Tonya Harding and pizza bagels!

If you have never watched this video before, and you are in need of a pure shot of nostalgia, dive right in. Trust me, it is a wonderful way to spend five minutes.

So, by this point I’m presuming you have watched the video. Did you spot the seemingly endless references to the 1990s?

More than you could possibly imagine, right? Don’t you just feel warm and fuzzy inside?

Good, now you should watch Back to the ‘80s – the gang’s follow-up video from 2019.

More classic pop culture references and more fun, right?

You’re welcome.

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