Season Two of X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted continues on UK TV screens tonight with episode seven – no Mercy. I’ll be blogging along live from 9pm, so why not follow along too.

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I’ll see you here just before 9pm.


8:53pm – I’m here! We ready to get our Gifted on?

8:55pm – Tonight’s episode is directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado.

9:02pm – As usual, The Gifted opens with a flashback, this time filling in a few more details about Reeva’s past.

9:04pm – A brutal beginning.

9:05pm – The one thing that The Gifted has over the X-Men movies is that it feels very much on the pulse of what’s going on in the world.

9:06pm – Reed continues to struggle with his abilities. 

9:07pm – Someone get the man a costume. Heck, get everyone a costume!

9:08pm – That has got to be the world’s smallest table.

9:09pm – Turner’s life continues to go from one bad situation to the next. He appears to be getting in very deep here and I can’t see him coming out of this unscathed. 

9:10pm – That’s what happens when you get involved with any extremist group. 

9:12pm – “What type did I strike you as?” Er… a bit of a nutcase?!

9:13pm – And we’re into the first ad break of the evening. Will there be a million and one Christmas ads? OF COURSE THERE WILL BE!

9:19pm – If this Mutant Underground thing goes south, Eclipse could get a new trade as a welder. 

9:21pm – There are Purifiers everywhere.


9:22pm – “I have a plan to help the people take back America.” Ugh… Nationalism rearing its head here. 

9:24pm – Up until this episode, we’ve not seen a great deal of Reeva’s motivations. Finally we’re getting some good stuff.

9:26pm – A show of hands. Who thinks this bank job is going to go to plan?

9:27pm – The bank is owned by Creed. Presumably a relation to Victor Creed (aka Sabretooth). Most likely his son, Graydon.

9:28pm – Ad break. More Christmas. 

9:30pm – Jenny Eclair has just popped up to advertise vaginal cream. Not very Christmassy, is it?

9:33pm – The chap on screen now, Benedict Ryan, is a character from the comics.

9:34pm – An adamantium vault! 

9:35pm – A forced confession. Not a great way to prove you’re right about something. 

9:39pm – Andy giving some advice to Twist. Telling her to picture all the crap things that have happened to her and to draw upon them. Yeah, nice idea Andy, but you’ve probably just turned her into a big ball of rage.

9:41pm – Into the third ad break and the Coca-Cola advert is back on. This was on last week, wasn’t it? It’s definitely Christmas when the Coca-Cola ad comes on. It’s a shame that this year there will be no Toys R Us advert. 

9:44pm – Are these adverts getting longer? I’m convinced they are. So… what’s everyone been up to this weekend? Spending in the Black Friday sales? 

9:46pm – Turner is still conflicted. He’s listening to some really bad advice.

9:52pm – More inner conflict between the Mutant Underground. Why can’t these folks just get along?

9:55pm – “Soon the whole world will know my name.”

9:56pm – Twist looks pissed off.

9:57pm – Oh dear…

9:58pm – Oh crap. Twist just killed everyone in the bank.

9:59pm – A shock ending for this week. There’s going to be even more divisions moving forward – this time amongst the Inner Circle. 

10pm – Next week, The Gifted reaches the mid-point of the season (although I don’t believe it’s the mid-season break). Thanks for joining me this week. See you next Sunday.

10:01pm – OK, so I won’t “see you”, but you get what I mean. 

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