Season Two of X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted continues on UK TV screens tonight with episode 13I’ll be blogging along live from 9pm, so why not follow along too.

If you’re running a little bit behind, then here are the blog entries for: eMergenceunMoored, coMplicationsoutMatchedafterMathiMprintno Mercythe dreaM, gaMe changereneMy of My eneMymeMento and hoMe.

Read, digest and then come back for more.

I’ll see you here just before 9pm.

8:50pm – I’m here!

8:51pm – Following on from what I was doing last week (prior to switching on The Gifted), once again I’m watching old episodes of Bad Influence on YouTube.

8:52pm – In the episode I’m watching at the moment, the BI team are reviewing Sonic 2.

8:53pm – You’ll be pleased to know that Sonic 2 gets the thumbs up!

8:57pm – And now a preview of Lemmings 2!

8:58pm – OK, enough of Bad Influence (for now) – it’s time to switch on The Gifted.

9:01pm – The Gifted is starting.

9:02pm – While the recap is on, let me take the time to tell you that The Gifted will not be on next week. I believe the show is on a one week break after tonight’s episode.

9:03pm – This episode is called teMpted.

9:04pm – teMpted is directed by Star Trek alumni, Jonathan Frakes.

9:05pm – Frakes isn’t the only Star Trek star to have directed an episode of The Gifted. You may recall, Robert Duncan McNeill directed the first episode of this current season.


9:07pm – Polaris is being sneaky.

9:10pm – First ad break of the night.

9:11pm – Sticking with the Gifted theme, if you’re looking to pick up some of the old X-Men movies on the cheap, various digital retailers (including Amazon) have the X-Men series on sale at present. The majority of the X-Men movies (including Deadpool 2) are just £2.99 – some are even £1.99! The sale is on now, but I believe it comes to an end tomorrow. Be quick!

9:18pm – Blink just enters without knocking. A little bit rude.

9:20pm – A dire warning to Lauren.

9:21pm – Is Lauren going to turn evil? Will Andy turn good? Will any of this ever get resolved before Marvel takes back control of the X-Men? Who knows!

9:23pm – Weird dream alert!

9:25pm – I’d love to see these two do something amazing with their powers. I really hope we see it before this season (series?) reaches its conclusion.

9:27pm – Caitlin’s packing heat!

9:29pm – Ad break two! Oh… and an advert for Nutella! I do like Nutella.

9:32pm – In non Gifted news, this week marks the 1st anniversary of It’s A Stampede!. Yep, this Thursday will mark the 365th day of this very blog! How exciting is that?!

9:33pm – I’ll post a special birthday post on Friday to mark one year of the blog. Until then, I’ll have lots of stuff coming up this week including a post about the Superman movies.

9:34pm – The Gifted is back on and Thunderbird is using his tracking skills to find Lauren. He could save himself a lot of hassle if he just used the ‘find my phone’ feature on her mobile.

9:40pm – Everything always seems so dramatic on The Gifted. Even when it’s not really a dramatic situation.

9:41pm – Obviously in this situation there was genuine drama.

9:43pm – Lauren looks pissed.

9:45pm – And now onto the final ad break of the night. Frakes is doing his best, but The Gifted is still dull tonight.

9:49pm – OK, so as mentioned at the beginning of this post, The Gifted won’t be on next week as it’s on a break. When the show returns it will be with the 14th episode, titled calaMity. This will be followed by episode 15, Monsters.


9:52pm – Oh for cripes sake, just say “I’M MAGNETO’S DAUGHTER!!”

9:54pm – Not sure I’d let him draw crap on my face.

9:55pm – This week’s episode is coming to a close. That means we only have three more episodes left of The Gifted and still no news on whether the series will return next year (probably not).

9:57pm – Eclipse has been shot! His bullet wound glows!!!

9:58pm – Er… another slow episode. An improvement on last week, but I feel like the series has simply run out of steam. There’s hints of something huge to come, but I feel like the pay off simply won’t live up to all this build up.

9:59pm – OK, IGNORE what I said earlier – according to FOX, The Gifted is back next week! That seems odd, as the show is definitely on hold for a week in the US. Either we’re jumping ahead or it’s simply a mistake. You’d best check listings next weekend to be sure. I’ll do the same.

10pm – Right, that’s it for this week. The Gifted may or may not be back on FOX next week. Either way, thanks for joining me tonight!

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