Season Two of X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted continues on UK TV screens tonight with episode 12I’ll be blogging along live from 9pm, so why not follow along too.

If you’re running a little bit behind, then here are the blog entries for: eMergenceunMoored, coMplicationsoutMatchedafterMathiMprintno Mercythe dreaM, gaMe changereneMy of My eneMy. and meMento.

Read, digest and then come back for more.

I’ll see you here just before 9pm.

8:47pm – I’m here!

8:48pm – I’ve got FOX on (in the background) but I’m currently passing the time with old TV shows on YouTube (see my nostalgia discussion from last night).

8:49pm – The show I’m currently watching (for the next ten minutes) is classic kids gaming series, Bad Influence. Anyone remember Bad Influence? Well, if you do, you can watch episodes on YouTube.

8:51pm – So far, the show has previewed Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Mario Kart and has talked about virtual reality! #ILoveThe’90s

8:53pm – Right, enough about Bad Influence – you came here for The Gifted, not an old gaming show from the early ’90s! So, what will The Gifted offer us this week? Hopefully something exciting.

8:54pm – This week’s episode of The Gifted is called hoMe and it originally aired in the US on Tuesday.

8:55pm – hoMe is directed by Canadian filmmaker, Dawn Wilkinson.

8:59pm – If you’ve not flicked your telly box onto FOX yet, now is the time. The Gifted is about to start.

9:01pm – It’s starting!

9:02pm – Wow – this week’s flashback is set 14 years ago and has just referenced Twilight. Were the Twilight books published 14 years ago?! Now I feel old.

9:05pm – Polaris and Eclipse reunited?

9:07pm – Some scary and powerful mutants.

9:10pm – Beautiful penmanship.


9:11pm – Kids today get it easy with Google translate. Where was this technology when I was learning German at GCSE level?

9:12pm – And we’re into the first ad break.

9:13pm – While we’re into the ads, let me draw your attention to a post I published earlier today. The post is about The New Mutants and the current rumours that are circulating about its release.

9:18pm – Ohhh… some dream meddling.

9:21pm – I don’t trust music boxes. They’re just shit radios.

9:26pm – I love the fact that Lauren’s disguise is just a cap.

9:28pm – Ad break two.

9:34pm – Andy’s hair has changed again. Is this a deliberate thing?

9:38pm – “You saw what just happened!” Er… actually, no, he didn’t. FOX is too cheap to film anything, so it was just implied that a load of people died in tragic circumstances. We didn’t see anything!

9:39pm – “Who did you make out with?” Gunn, Wesley… Oh wait, wrong show!

9:46pm – Bit of backstory for Blink.

9:47pm – Goodbye? Where’s she going? Does she not know the season isn’t over yet?

9:48pm – We’re into the final ad break of the night. Not going to lie, once again I’ve found The Gifted quite slow. This show is coasting at the moment and it’s not good coasting.

9:51pm – After tonight’s episode there are only four episodes to go. Next week’s episode is called teMpted and episode 14 will be called calaMity.

9:57pm – So, Blink has joined the Morlocks. The Underground is getting smaller and smaller.

9:59pm – And that’s it for this week.

10pm – With only four weeks to go I have to say… I’m kind of pleased this season only runs 16 episodes, because it’s getting very boring. When The Gifted started I was excited about watching it each week, but now I’m finding it a struggle. I really hope things pick up for the final four episodes.

10:01pm – Right, I’m off… to watch more episodes of Bad Influence. Thanks for joining me this week.

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