1.63m tall.

Kevin Hart is 1.63 meters tall.

If you came to this post because you Googled the question ‘how tall is Kevin Hart?’, then the answer you’re looking for is 1.63 meters.

If you prefer the answer in feet and inches, then Kevin Hart is around 5ft 3inches tall.

Of course, if you didn’t Google this question and you’ve just stumbled across this post by accident, you’re probably wondering why I’m so concerned with the height of Kevin Hart. Well, I’m not – but a lot of people are.

How do I know this? Because earlier today I decided to ask Google ‘what questions do people ask Google?’.

Nowadays, with the world becoming more reliant on the internet for information, many people are Googling questions on a daily basis. And amongst the likes of ‘what time is it?’, ‘how to lose belly fat?’ and ‘why is the sky blue?’, a lot of people are asking the question about Kevin Hart.

In fact, if you simply type the name ‘Kevin Hart’ into Google, the first option Google gives you is ‘Kevin Hart height’.

So yeah, apparently everyone wants to know Kevin Hart’s height. Well, maybe not everyone, but a lot of people do.


As for the other types of questions that people ask, well, if you want to read an exhaustive list of Googled questions, then check out this piece from digital marketers, Mondovo. The post lists 1,000 questions – some you’ve possibly asked yourself; others, not so much.

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