After a two-week break, Season Two of X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted continues on UK TV screens tonight with episode 14As usual I’ll be blogging along live from 9pm, so why not follow along too.

If you’re running a little bit behind, then here are the blog entries for: eMergenceunMoored, coMplicationsoutMatchedafterMathiMprintno Mercythe dreaM, gaMe changereneMy of My eneMymeMentohoMe and teMpted.

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I’ll see you here just before 9pm.

8:24pm – I’m here!

8:25pm – Yeah, I know I’m early.

8:26pm – So, tonight’s episode of The Gifted is the 14th episode – calaMity.

8:27pm – Still no news on the fate of the show, but rumours persist that we’re into the endgame now.

8:28pm – You may have noticed that I’m on a bit of an X-Men tangent at the moment, which has resulted in a complete re-watch (and discussion) of all 76 episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series. So far, I’ve worked my way through Season One and the first half of Season Two. If you want to check out these posts then make sure you read Parts 1, 2 and 3 of It’s Saturday – Do you know what your children are?.

8:31pm – And keeping with the X-Men theme, earlier today I decided to take a look at through eBay to see what X-Men-related products were for sale. I had no intention to buy anything, but sometimes I like to have a browse. And that’s when I discovered something pretty awesome…

8:32pm – That piece of awesomeness is the fact that you can buy the old X-Men Konami arcade game on eBay!

8:33pm – Remember it? Remember how freakin’ awesome it was?!

8:34pm – It can be yours… if you have a lot of money in your wallet.

8:35pm – At present, if you have £650 (and a van to go pick it up) you can purchase the X-Men arcade game, including the cabinet to play it on!

8:36pm – Alternatively, if you have £150 and your own cabinet, you can just buy the game.

8:37pm – Can you imagine being able to play this with three of your mates?

8:38pm – If only, right?

8:46pm – So, tonight’s episode of The Gifted is directed by Stephen Surjik. As well as directing a wealth of genre television (The Punisher, The Flash, Arrow, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Umbrella Academy and many more), Surjik was the director of the 1993 comedy, Wayne’s World 2.

8:57pm – The Gifted will be starting in a couple of minutes. Use this time wisely.

9:00pm – Did you use your time wisely or did you spend the last few minutes scrolling through Rate My Plate on Facebook? Be honest.


9:01pm – It’s starting.

9:03pm – Details on how Reeva and Benedict came to know each other.

9:04pm – Benedict is anti-mutant, but also an opportunist.

9:06pm – Lauren does not look well.

9:07pm – The Inner Circle doesn’t look as threatening as it should. Thankfully the Circle has a lot of powerful players.

9:10pm – Blink has just said that Morlock HQ is the safest place in the city. Nothing like tempting fate, is there?

9:12pm – Walk away, Turner. Walk away.

9:13pm – Into the first ad break of the night.

9:17pm – Secrets, secrets, secrets. This won’t end well.

9:18pm – The Purifiers are going after the Morlocks. I think I see where this is going…

9:19pm – In the comics, around the mid-’80s, there was a big X-Men crossover called the Mutant Massacre. As you can guess from the name, it wasn’t a nice event.

9:20pm – During the crossover, the Morlocks were hunted and killed. I have a feeling we’re about to witness The Gifted‘s take on this story.

9:24pm – A battle is about to happen.

9:29pm – Ad break two!


9:35pm – Finally – we’re seeing some action!

9:39pm – The Cuckoos have found the spy… and they’ve got it wrong.

9:43pm – Reed is having an epiphany; Blink has reconciled with Thunderbird; the Purifiers appear to be on a loosing streak…. everything is going well. Too well.

9:46pm – Final ad break of the evening. What we thinking? I feel like we’re heading for disaster, but once again this show is taking far too long to get there.

9:48pm – My biggest issue with The Gifted is that it wastes opportunities. If this really is an adaptation of the Mutant Massacre then it’s a wasted opportunity so far.

9:53pm – Ambush!

9:55pm – How many Morlocks can you fit in a car?

9:56pm – Busted!

9:57pm – Jeez, Caitlin is taking no prisoners.

9:58pm – And so begins the massacre.

9:59pm – Crap. Blink has been shot three times… and has disappeared into her own portal. This means she’s not officially dead, but it doesn’t look good.

10pm – A sombre end for this week’s episode. Turner will have to face up to the consequences of his actions.

10:01pm – Well, it took a while to get there but the final few minutes brought a bit more action and suspense. I’m not entirely convinced the show is where it should be at this late stage in its run, but we’ll see what happens. Next week is the penultimate episode, Monsters, before the show concludes the week after with oMens.

10:02pm – Thanks for joining me. Same time next week?

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