Season Two of X-Men spin-off show, The Gifted continues on UK TV screens tonight with episode 15As usual I’ll be blogging along live from 9pm, so why not follow along too.

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8:52pm – I’m here!

8:57pm – Tonight is the penultimate episode of Season Two.

8:58pm – This episode aired in the US on Tuesday. With only one episode to go in the US and still no announcement about the show’s future, it’s not looking good.

9:01pm – It’s starting!

9:02pm – As a quick recap, last week’s episode saw Blink get shot three times.

9:04pm – This week’s flashback is a nice reminder of the relationship between Blink and Thunderbird.

9:06pm – That was some punch!

9:07pm – Polaris and Andy are getting close to switching sides. I’m going to guess that they will defect from the Inner Circle tonight.

9:11pm – Maybe Andy isn’t wavering.

9:14pm – Reed’s power is pretty disturbing.

9:15pm – And now he’s crossed a line.

9:16pm – The first ad break! I feel like things are starting to really get going in this show. Why has it taken 15 episodes to get to this point?

9:18pm – As I didn’t mention it at the beginning of this episode, this week’s instalment of The Gifted is called Monsters. The episode is directed by Scott Peters.

9:23pm – With the show this close to the end of its run, I don’t think we’re ever going to get an explanation as to where the X-Men are. I understand that this isn’t what the show is about, but I still feel like I want to know.


9:27pm – Ad break two! That was quick.

9:34pm – Caitlin is getting very handy with a gun.

9:35pm – That’s Chris Claremont on the TV screen!

9:36pm – Claremont is a legendary X-Men writer and one of the people responsible for some of the greatest stories in X-Men history (The Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past etc).

9:37pm – That’s pretty cool that Claremont was in this episode. I didn’t expect to see any more cameos/in-jokes at this point in the series.

9:41pm – Reed’s power could be really cool if he’s given the power to develop it.

9:44pm – I didn’t expect Reed to admit to killing someone. I expected this to be a storyline that would drag out. I’m pleasantly surprised that this has been dealt with straight away.

9:45pm – Into the final ad break of the evening.

9:51pm – One thing I won’t miss about watching The Gifted after next week, is watching all these bloody adverts. Ads for lube, dating and babies – is FOX trying to tell me something?

9:52pm – Caitlin is fine with Reed killing someone. Now is the perfect time for Reed to mention he broke the toilet too.

9:55pm – Turner is all over the place. His story is still the strongest. If this show does get cancelled, then the abrupt end to this story will be the biggest shame.

9:56pm – Andy is back and so is Polaris.

9:58pm – The gang is back together again. Hurrah!

9:59pm – A big showdown next week?

10pm – Things are now set for the finale, but have we really achieved much this season? And where would the show go if a third season were to happen?

10:01pm – I think next week’s episode will be good… but I’m not sure that it’s going to be the big finale it needs to be. We’ll see.

10:02pm – Thanks for joining me tonight. Let’s finish this next week.

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