The fourth season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has landed on Netflix. This new season of the hit show comprises 13 episodes and continues the adventures of the heroes and villains of Etheria.

I’ve previously discussed Season OneSeason Two and Season Three on this blog and now it’s time to talk Season Four. As I viewed each episode from this season, I made notes to highlight my initial thoughts, observations and comments.

Here’s what I thought…

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The Coronation

Initial thoughts: Glimmer is having to step up to become Queen.

Episode observations: Hordak is angry. Shadow Weaver is being shady. Everyone is getting stressed about Glimmer’s coronation. Queen Angella leaves a (tear-inducing) message.

Conclusion: A good start to the season. With Queen Angella gone, Glimmer has to deal with both the death of her mother and the realisation she is now Queen. A brave, bold new Glimmer steps forward, ready to take on Hordak.


The Valley of the Lost

Initial thoughts: The Valley of the Lost (aka Huntara’s old stomping ground) is just like Mos Eisley – and I love it!

Episode observations: Perfuma’s problems with cacti. Double-Trouble arrives. She-Ra kicks ass.

Conclusion: Double-Trouble joins the Horde and proves to be a very interesting character. I look forward to seeing more. Oh, and I love the fact that Glimmer and Catra have new looks – it helps to demonstrate the passage of time from the earlier seasons.



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Initial thoughts: Being a Queen means being responsible. It also means Glimmer is going to miss out on a lot of adventures.

Episode observations: Double-Trouble returns. The correct pronoun is used. Flutterina enters the fight. The Catra/Scorpia relationship comes to a halt (again).

Conclusion: Double-Trouble is being used sparingly at present, yet they are proving to be a very exciting addition. With this character, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power continues to be a progressive show.



Initial thoughts: A spy in the midst.

Episode observations: Bow is injured. Glimmer is struggling with her place as Queen. Double-Trouble continues to cause problems. Shadow Weaver lends a hand – but is it worth accepting?

Conclusion: I really like what is happening with Glimmer’s character arch. She has stepped up to the plate as queen, but at the same time she has put her faith in Shadow Weaver… which is clearly not a good idea.

The Double-Trouble/Catra relationship is also continuing to grow. And once again, it looks like Catra is surrounding herself with the wrong people.



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Initial thoughts: A malfunctioning Light Hope.

Episode observations: Kyle. Acid snow. Spiders. Mara.

Conclusion: Hmm… Not a great deal happens in this episode, but it certainly has its moments, especially for Kyle.


Princess Scorpia

Initial thoughts: Double-Trouble continues to cause… er… trouble.

Episode observations: Scorpia. Emily. Entrapta’s video. ‘Super Pal Trio’.

Conclusion: An interesting and emotional episode that reveals details about Scorpia’s past, while exploring the relationship between Scorpia and Catra.

It is sad to see how Catra treats Scorpia, but it is good that Scorpia is finally becoming wise to the situation. I just hope this doesn’t end badly; Scorpia is one of my favourite characters.



Initial thoughts: Time to uncover the spy in Bright Moon.

Episode observations: “Bow, you aren’t the spy!”

Conclusion: I’ve reached the half-way point of the season and that means it is time for the series to take a momentary pause to address the mole in Bright Moon. Uncovering the mole is something that could have easily been pushed to the end of the season, but I’m glad it was addressed now – and in such a fun way.


Boys’ Night Out

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Initial thoughts: While tensions continue to mount at Bright Moon, the boys go out… drinking?

Episode observations: Day drinking. Singing. Glimmer speaks her mind.

Conclusion: A number of storylines going on here and all of them provide good character development.



Initial thoughts: Mara?!

Episode observations: Razz. Loo-Kee. Mara. A pie. Light Hope. A message.

Conclusion: Secrets are uncovered and the truth about Mara is finally revealed. It all leads to a sad ending, but hope for the future.



Initial thoughts: A new princess arrives in Bright Moon – and I couldn’t be happier!

Episode observations: Scorpia asks for help. Catra is loosing control. Glimmer is misguided. Double-Trouble tells the truth.

Conclusion: Scorpia seeks out the Princess Alliance and asks for assistance, while Catra begins to realise the consequences of her actions. With three episodes to go for this season, things are really building up to what (I hope) will be an epic conclusion.


Beast Island

Image: ©DreamWorksTV/Netflix

Initial thoughts: King Micah lives!

Episode observations: “I won’t give up. Not on my friends. Not on Etheria. Not on myself!”

Conclusion: An episode about fear and self-doubt which furthers the story ready for the big finish. The revelation that Scorpia is a key character is also very intriguing.


Destiny Part 1

Initial thoughts: Scorpia is Etheria’s last hope?

Episode observations: Entrapta returns. Catra misses Scorpia. Glimmer stands firm. Double-Trouble causes problems.

Conclusion: A great episode that moves everyone into position for the finale, while ensuring tension is mounted at every opportunity. Double-Trouble has been a fantastic addition to this season and it is great to see them causing a huge rift between Catra and Hordak.


Destiny Part 2

Initial thoughts: An end is near.

Episode observations: Catra vs. Hordak. A sword destroyed. She-Ra no more?

Conclusion: A season-long pay off AND a set up for at least one more season. A strong finale, but please tell me this isn’t the last I’ll see of Double-Trouble?!


With each new season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power I have fallen more and more in love with this show and this latest season only strengthens that love. The writing, the character development, the diversity – it is all perfect.

It is great to see Glimmer and Catra take big steps forward and I’m so happy that Scorpia has played such a significant part in this season. As mentioned above, Double-Trouble has also been a brilliant addition.

I presume next season will be the end for this show (I hope I’m wrong), but so far it has been four amazing seasons, so whatever comes next I’m ready. The important thing to note is that four seasons on and this show continues to move forward, never back.

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