The second season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has landed on Netflix. This latest run of the hit show comprises seven episodes and continues the adventures of Adora, Bow, Glimmer and the Rebellion as they battle the evil Horde.

I recently re-watched Season One and as soon as Season Two dropped on Netflix I felt compelled to dive back in. In fact, this morning I watched all seven episodes back-to-back.

I made notes along the way, highlighting my initial thoughts, observations and comments as each episode played out. Here’s what I had to say…

Image: ©DreamWorksTV/Netflix

The Frozen Forest

Initial thoughts: As this new season kicks off, the Horde seem really pissed. It’s clear that despite the Horde’s failure at the end of Season One these bad guys aren’t giving up.

Episode observations: Catra Vs. She-Ra. “Who can tell me what Kyle did wrong?” Hordak. Advanced robots. “Entrapta’s alive… and we left her behind.”

Conclusion: A decent season opener to re-establish the conflict between the Rebellion and the Horde. Catra is a little ruffled following her defeat last season, but she’s still firmly committed to defeating She-Ra. A good start.


Ties That Bind

Initial thoughts: This episode seems to be splitting its focus to create a mission for She-Ra & Swift Wind and a separate mission for Bow & Glimmer.

Observations: “No Princess left behind.” Catra Vs. Bow & Glimmer. Scorpia’s concern. “She didn’t run away from the Horde, she ran away from you.”

Conclusion: A great episode which gives Bow & Glimmer the opportunity to interact with Catra. Plus the truth about Entrapta’s survival is revealed – and yeah, she’s not arsed about the conflict between the Rebellion and the Horde, she’s more wrapped up in her own work.




Initial thoughts: Catra is stressed.

Observations: “What? Creepy apples taste just as good as normal apples.” Entrapta & Hordak. A message from the past.

Conclusion: The strain of being Force Captain is starting to get to Catra, while Entrapta is starting to build a connection with Hordak. Hmm… an interesting episode for progressing the story of the bad guys. I like the relationship that is building between Hordak and Entrapta.


Image: ©DreamWorksTV/Netflix

Roll With It

Initial thoughts: Failure is a common theme.

Observations: Tiny Bow. “My wild cat is counting on me and I won’t let her down.” A HUGE callback to the original series. “Really Kyle? I don’t know how you haven’t been fired.”

Conclusion: A fun episode which highlights She-Ra’s fears of failure. The costume and music nods to the original She-Ra cartoon are a lot of fun.


Image: ©DreamWorksTV/Netflix

White Out

Initial thoughts: The Scorpia/Catra relationship takes some important new steps.

Observations: Sea Hawk. Scorpia. Snow. “Inspector Pirate?” “I’ve got control over Adora, I’m not giving that up.”

Conclusion: Catra’s obsession with Adora/She-Ra has become all consuming, but this episode demonstrates that maybe there’s a little room for Scorpia. Yay!



Light Spinner

Initial thoughts: A Shadow Weaver origin tale.

Observations: Light Spinner. “I’ve given everything I have to the Horde.” Grizzlor. Baby Adora. “You were just using me all along.”

Conclusion: Shadow Weaver continues to become the devious villain of the show, manipulating Catra along the way. This adds a bit more depth to both characters.



Initial thoughts: This is the final episode of the season, yet it doesn’t feel like a season finale.

Observations: Bow’s dads – Lance and George. Bow’s shirt modification. Hordak’s test.

Conclusion: A fun episode, which furthers the story, but this is NOT a season finale. A mid-season finale maybe, but surely this isn’t how Season Two ends?


As with Season One, Season Two is a blast! Some fantastic characterisation ensures this show goes from strength to strength, it’s just a shame this season is so short.

I have no idea if this will become part one of a two-part season (I feel it will), but either way right now I want more. Why is this cartoon THIS good?

I may have to re-watch Season One and Two again soon.