Last night, while people were queuing to watch Avengers: Endgame, I was sat in a less stressful cinema screen watching RoboCop! The 1987 action movie about a part man, part machine, was being played at my local Odeon for a one-off screening organised by Manchester Classic Films.

It pretty much goes without saying, but watching RoboCop on the big screen was a heck of a lot of fun. It was also great to share the experience with people who were clearly huge fans of the movie.

The screening was sold out, which I must admit I found quite surprising. Not because RoboCop doesn’t have the power to sell out a screen, but because everyone is so involved with Endgame right now.

Either way, Robo-fans were in full force and loving the opportunity to watch the movie with like-minded people. Even a very slight hiccup at the start of the screening, when the film played without sound, didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

I’ve watched RoboCop countless times, but watching it amongst a large crowd gave it a whole different feel. Fans laughed along at the obvious jokes (the satirical humour) as well as the not-so intentional comedy (Dick Jones’ fall from the OCP building), and it really made for a fun event.

I love watching old movies at the cinema. Especially old movies with such a clear fanbase.

During my discussion of Endgame, I mentioned how the audience had been pretty sedate throughout, no doubt because they were worried about what was to come for their favourite heroes. With RoboCop, pretty much everyone knew what to expect, so were able to just relax and dive right in.

I say “pretty much everyone knew what to expect”, because as it turned out, not everyone in the audience had watched it before. My husband, who came along with me, had never seen it.

Going into the screening he believed he had watched the movie before, but after we came out of the auditorium he said he must have been mistaken as he hadn’t. Thankfully he really enjoyed it and didn’t even make mention of some of the slightly ropey special effects (once again, Dick Jones’ death).


So yeah, overall a great experience and a brilliant way to spend a Friday night. Manchester Classic Films regularly screen old movies – I got to re-watch Superman earlier in the year – and I look forward to watching a few more that tickle my pickle.

I really hope the Dirty Harry movies pop up at some point. Fingers crossed.

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