The third season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has landed on Netflix. This new season of the hit show comprises six episodes and serves up more adventures for Adora, Catra and the rest of the good guys and bad guys of Etheria.

I’ve previously discussed Season One and Season Two on this blog and now it’s time to move on to this latest season, which I watched this morning. As I viewed each episode, I made notes to highlight my initial thoughts, observations and comments.

Here’s what I thought…

Image: ©DreamWorksTV/Netflix

The Price of Power

Initial thoughts: Shadow Weaver continues to manipulate Adora; the Hordak/Entrapta relationship develops; Catra continues to be rude to Scorpia.

Episode observations: “You’re Catra. You’re our leader. You’re my friend. You’re everything to me.”

Conclusion: Not a bad start to this season. The Price of Power offers further insight into Adora’s origin, plus Catra gets given a second chance (of sorts) by Hordak. Let’s see how well she messes it up.




Initial thoughts: Geena Davis as the voice of Huntara!

Episode observations: “Blondie, Boy, Glitter – got it.” A weakened Hordak. “Know about She-Ra? I am She-Ra!”

Conclusion: The truth behind Hordak is revealed – and it turns out, he’s not the original Hordak, he’s a clone. This is something I didn’t expect, but allows for a new path for a character, who up until this point has been pretty two dimensional.

Entrapta has also become a very important character in this show. It is good to see the journey she is going on, as she’s not really a villain, she just works with the wrong team.



Once Upon a Time in the Waste

Initial thoughts: Catra’s ‘Wild West’ style cloak is awesome.

Episode observations: Catra doesn’t give in to threats. Mara’s ship. A new ‘Kyle’. Scorpia’s infatuation with Catra continues – and Catra responds (briefly). Tung Lashor.

Conclusion: A great episode, which shows Catra moving closer to happiness, before stepping further away. It doesn’t matter what opportunities she is given to be content, she always wants something else.


Image: ©DreamWorksTV/Netflix

Moment of Truth

Initial thoughts: Catra triumphant?

Episode observations: Shadow Weaver working with the Rebellion. Catra showing her true colours.

Conclusion: An interesting episode, with Glimmer and the Princesses being proactive, by taking the fight to Hordak. Meanwhile, Catra threatens Scorpia, endangers everyone, and makes her boldest move yet. A great cliffhanger!

On a side note, I LOVE that Catra now has a whip. Yay! 🙂




Initial thoughts: The world has been turned on its head, and an alternate version of reality has taken over. Adora is seemingly the only person who remembers what life used to be like.

Episode observations: Kyle loses his ration bars. Madame Razz appears. Scorpia remembers. Catra would rather see reality change than let Adora succeed.

Conclusion: A fantastic episode, with yet more Catra/Adora interactions. This season is drawing to a close, and it feels like something big is on the horizon. I really liked this alternate reality.



The Portal

Initial thoughts: Reality is still messed up!

Episode observations: King Micah lives. Queen Angella dies. Reality returns. She-Ra is pissed.

Conclusion: A good season finale, but not quite as strong as the final episode of Season One. It was great to see the consequences of Catra’s actions (Angella’s sacrifice), so surely Adora will never forgive her?


A strong collection of episodes, but come on, this wasn’t Season Three, this was the back-half of Season Two! Either way, I really liked where this ‘season’ went with the alternate reality, and the interactions between Entrapta and Hordak were also a highlight of this season (and Season Two).

I can’t say this enough – I adore this show. Not only is She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fun to watch, but it’s also so well written.

Roll on Season Four.