Another week passes by and another classic Aussie TV show has been added to Amazon Prime Video – and it’s a bloomin’ good one!

If you live in the UK you can now stream every episode of Round the Twist! All four seasons of the show are now available to watch – that’s 52 episodes!


So, if you fancy revisiting the town of Port Niranda to catch up with Pete, Linda and Bronson, then go for it! And if you don’t remember Round the Twist, then what the heck were you doing in the 1990s?!

Round the Twist was a children’s television show initially based on books by author, Paul Jennings. The show aired on BBC One and Nickelodeon in the UK and followed the story of the Twist family as they got involved with strange, and sometimes paranormal adventures.

The first season of Round the Twist aired in 1990, with the second season airing in 1992. Both seasons were in regular rotation throughout the 1990s and became very popular with audiences.


A third season of Round the Twist arrived in 2000, with a fourth in 2001. However, due to the significant time gaps between the four seasons (especially the final two), Round the Twist experienced numerous cast changes throughout its run.

As previously mentioned on It’s A Stampede!, in recent months Amazon Prime Video has added a number of Australian TV shows to its catalogue, including Heartbreak High, The Girl From Tomorrow (plus follow-up show, Tomorrow’s World), The Genie From Down Under, as well as classic episodes of Home and Away. Now if Amazon could add some episodes of Neighbours and Pugwall’s Summer, as well as Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left, I’d be very happy.

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