Six years after Wreck-It Ralph smashed its way into cinemas, Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 makes its debut. John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are back as Ralph and Venellope respectively, in a sequel loaded with Star Wars references, Marvel nods and Disney Princesses a-plenty.

Any good?


Here’s what the critics are saying:

  • Matt Maytum of GamesRadar, awarded Ralph Breaks the Internet three stars (out of five), giving it a pass, but suggesting that this should be the end of the Ralph series. He said: “The best bit sees Vanellope hanging with all of the Disney Princesses: it’s hilarious, sharp, and irreverent, and as good as anything in the first film. It’s this segment, plus a couple of nicely done chases and an imaginative big boss battle, that manages to save Ralph from the slight sense of unnecessary sequel that pervades.”
  • Julian Roman of Movieweb also praised the inclusion of the Disney Princesses and said they are “worth the price of admission”. He was more positive about the movie and said: “Ralph Breaks the Internet will be another box office behemoth for Disney Animation. Adults and children alike are going to love this film.”
  • Michael Gingold of Birth. Movies. Death, said: “With Ralph Breaks the Internet, the Mouse House has successfully extended this particular brand in the right direction.”
  • Jonathan Pile of Empire, awarded Ralph Breaks the Internet three stars (out of five) and called it “funny but forgettable”. He said: “Entertaining, and occasionally inspired, but Ralph Breaks the Internet is too often content to achieve a quick laugh, rather than exploring the themes its set-up suggests.”
  • And finally, Jim Vejvoda of IGN, called the movie “an animated sequel that doesn’t byte.” He adds: “While the fun had at the expense of the internet isn’t exactly the freshest material, Ralph Breaks the Internet works well not because of where it sends its two main characters physically but rather emotionally.”

A mixed bag of reviews that suggests Wreck-It Ralph 2 is just the right side of fun, but don’t expect it to reach the heights of the original. Hmm… a similar kind of vibe to Creed II then.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 hits US cinemas on November 21st and UK cinemas November 30th.



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