Directed by Steven Caple Jr, Creed II is the 8th entry in the Rocky series. The movie stars Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan and Dolph Lundgren and brings Russian boxer, Ivan Drago back into the series. 

Creed II hits US cinema screens on November 21st and UK cinemas on November 30th. The reviews for the movie are now beginning to surface online and here’s what’s being said:

  • Tom Jorgensen of IGN, said: “Die-hard fans of the franchise will probably enjoy this grudge match, but for those that discovered it through the 2015 film and go in expecting something just as weighty, well, you’ve got a ten count to beat and something tells me the disappointment of seeing all the flashes of what this movie could’ve been is going to keep you on the mat.”
  • Ian Freer of Empire, awarded Creed II three stars (out of five) and said: “Creed II is to Creed what the Rocky sequels are to the original: a more generic, less textured take on familiar boxing movie tropes.”
  • Benjamin Lee of the Guardian was more positive, awarding the movie four stars (out of five). He said: “Given the never-ending production line of lazy inferior sequels, it’s such a joy to encounter one that feels necessary. Elevated by a central trio of winning performances and a director who provides equal weight to drama in and out of the ring, Creed II deserves to be cheered.”
  • Chris Nashawaty of Entertainment Weekly, gave Creed II a B+ and said: “While not quite as great as the first film showcasing Jordan’s Adonis, The Land director Steven J. Caple Jr. has made a rousing tale about fathers and sons, guilt and redemption, loneliness and family – just the sort of big, sledgehammer-subtle themes that have always propelled the series.”
  • And finally, Mike Ryan of Uproxx called Creed II “strangely sad and reflective”. He added: “Creed II is a direct sequel to Rocky IV that works shockingly well.”

So, the reviews are pretty mixed. The general feeling out there is that the movie is OK. Not as good as 2015’s Creed, but more in line for some of the Rocky sequels.



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