In late 2015, Making a Murderer landed on Netflix and became a must-see, much discussed TV show. It was water cooler television, which everyone had an opinion about.

The first season of Making a Murderer told the story of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey who were convicted over their involvement in the murder of Teresa Halbach. Over the course of a ten-episode season, the show highlighted their arrest and conviction, as well as the numerous problems with both Avery’s and Dassey’s case.

Three years on and the second season of Making a Murderer has arrived on Netflix, bringing another ten hours of insights into what is now a very high-profile murder case. But can this new season live up to the expectations set out by the first season’s success?

While the first season of Making a Murderer was built on shocking twists and turns, the majority of this second run focuses more on covering old ground. Ordinarily, this would make for boring television, however, Season Two of Making a Murderer has a real ace up its sleeve and that ace is Kathleen Zellner – Steven Avery’s new lawyer.

Zellner has worked extensively in cases of wrongful conviction and naturally the Steven Avery case is one which she is perfectly suited to. Her involvement with the case is a gift for both Steven Avery and Netflix and is the reason why Making a Murderer remains must-see TV.


Over the course of this latest season, Zellner works her way through the case, picking apart all of the inconsistencies, giving new explanations along the way. It’s mostly old road being travelled, but it’s done so with a new focus and a fresh set of eyes.

Watching Zellner at work throughout this second season is so interesting because she understands the importance of every single aspect of the case, down to the smallest detail. She makes it clear that the only way to unravel the mystery is to pick apart the story, sifting fact from fiction, and that means returning to key beats of Season One and reexamining them accordingly.

This brings new theories, including an important revelation towards the tail-end of the season. This is something which opens up the case in a whole new direction and it’s all because of Zellner.

If anyone is going to get to the bottom of the story, I genuinely believe it’s Zellner and as such she makes this second season intriguing. The show (and the case) could have easily buckled under its own weight, but it doesn’t and it’s in large part because of the work she is doing.

Unfortunately this work takes time and that is something which becomes evident in this latest season. Time continues to move forward, years are being lost and no one is getting the resolution they want.


Perhaps one of the saddest parts of this new season – putting aside the tragedy of the murder – is watching Avery’s parents getting old. Regardless of the eventual outcome of this case, the Avery parents have lost too much time and that’s something they can never get back.

As for the case itself, well I won’t update you on what’s going on – you’ll need to watch for yourself – but I will say, the story isn’t done yet and you should expect a further season in the not too distant future. For now, Making a Murderer remains a fascinating piece of television and if you watched Season One then you need to update yourself on this latest season.

Making a Murderer is available to stream on Netflix now.

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