A few days ago I talked about falling behind on TV shows due to the sheer amount of content that’s being pumped out by all the streaming services at the moment. Today I’m attempting to rectify this a little by working my way through some of the shows on my Netflix playlist. I’ve started with The Rain – a Danish survivalist series that’s a bit like The Walking Dead (only without the zombies).

The premise is simple: A virus in the rain has wiped out (and continues to wipe out) a huge chunk of the population. A small group of survivors must do their best to work out why the virus exists and figure out what they can do to stay alive.

So far I’m five episodes into this eight-part series and I’m really enjoying it. Each episode delves further into the lives of the lead characters and each episode is better than the last.

The show reminds me of the early days of The Walking Dead, when it felt like the series was actually going somewhere and as with the early run of episodes, storytelling is high on the agenda. Episode five has been my favourite (so far), but every episode has kept my interest.


The real beauty of this show is that it is low-budget television at its finest. It doesn’t rely on huge set pieces, instead it takes a tried-and-tested concept and then uses it to create some interesting and intimate stories.

So long as the next three episodes don’t mess things up (and I’m confident they won’t), The Rain is an excellent and highly recommended series. If you’re not watching it, then you really should give it a go.


Top tip if you’re thinking about watching The Rain, select the original Danish language version, complete with English subtitles. One minute of the dubbed version is likely to irritate the heck out of you, putting you off the show in an instant.

I’m likely to finish The Rain tonight/tomorrow, at which point I’m going to hop onto Dark – Netflix’s German sci-fi thriller. I started the series a while back, but the dubbing put me off. I’m now going to take my own advice and select the original language version of Dark in order to give it another shot.

Jeez, when did watching TV become such a Herculean task? 😉

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