This year’s Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds continues to increase in size and scope with the addition of yet another hero!

And this hero is a blast from the past!

For those keeping track, the forthcoming crossover – which runs across one episode of Arrow, one episode of The Flash and one episode of Supergirl – includes appearances from Superman, Lois Lane and Batwoman.

Not bad – not bad at all.

But things have just got better.





Elseworlds will also include an appearance from the ’90s Flash!

Yep, in the photo you see below that is actor John Wesley Shipp back in his ’90s Flash suit.

Flash 2 Elseworlds

Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell took to social media to drop this exciting bit of geekery. The actor, who rather confusingly is playing a version of the Flash in the forthcoming crossover, also posted this shot.

Flash 1 Elseworlds

The image of Shipp and Amell was accompanied by the caption: “Who said you should never meet your heroes?”

During the 1990s, John Wesley Shipp played the title role of the Flash in the short-lived TV show of the same name. The show aired on CBS for one season, comprising 22 episodes.

The Flash

Image: Warner Bros. Television

Shipp has previously appeared in the more recent incarnation of The Flash in the roles of Henry Allen and Jay Garrick. Now it appears that Elseworlds is giving the actor the opportunity to take on a third role, while also playing respect to his version of the Flash.

Pretty sweet, right?

And if all that wasn’t exciting enough, Stephen Amell’s posts have grabbed the attention of former Smallville star, Tom Welling. The actor, who played the role of Clark Kent for ten years on the Superman-prequel show, commented:


To which Amell replied: “@tomwelling just let me know when Oliver and Clark should meet in the multiverse.”

Tom Welling

Anyone else really hoping Elseworlds can shoehorn Dean Cain into this crossover too?


Elseworlds will air in the US in early December and should arrive in the UK (via Sky One) shortly after.