At the beginning of June, Sony Pictures put its proposed Spider-Man spin-off movie, Silver & Black on hold. The film – which was to focus on comic book characters, Silver Sable and Black Cat – was pulled from Sony’s release schedule without any explanation.

According to Variety, there’s a reason for this – the movie is now being split into two projects. So, forget Silver & Black, Sony Pictures is now working on two movies: Black Cat AND Silver Sable.


These two projects will be in addition to this year’s double offering of Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; next year’s Sony/Marvel co-production, Spider-Man: Far From Home; as well as forthcoming projects, Kraven the Hunter, Silk, Jackpot and the Jared Leto-starring, Morbius.

But this isn’t the only Spidey movie news.


According to Variety’s report, Sony is keen to release Venom as a PG-13 (a 12A in the UK) – and not as an R-rated movie as many expected. The reason for this more ‘family-friendly’ approach is so that Spider-Man could comfortably slot into a future instalment.

While the recent trailer for Venom has suggested the film is going to be quite a dark affair, the finished product may be lighter – or at least less gruesome than we are being led to believe. Keeping the movie to a PG-13 rating would also mean it would line up with the types of movies that Marvel Studios produce.

And here’s why that’s important.


Sony is reportedly open to the idea of allowing its Spider-Man movie characters to appear in future Marvel Studios movies – i.e. characters other than Spider-Man cropping up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio would also be on board the idea of MCU characters crossing over into the Spider-Man movies.

How interesting…

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