In 2019, to mark the then forthcoming theatrical release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, 20th Century Fox released a series of posters to publicise the film. The collection of posters included ten beautifully illustrated designs, largely focusing around Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix – the lead protagonist in the comic book movie.

Here are the first four posters in the collection, which include Beast, Mystique, Jean/Dark Phoenix and Vuk, the leader of the alien race known as the D’Bari.

The artwork on these posters is stunning. The colours are vibrant and there is a real exciting energy in the imagery.

In an era when poster art is pretty generic, with so many posters relying on dull, composite shots of the cast, these images really fire up the imagination.


The next six posters are equally as mesmerising and incorporate the characters Professor Charles Xavier, Magneto, Nightcrawler and of course, Jean/Dark Phoenix.

Pretty cool, right?

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was not a critical or commercial success during its theatrical run (although I personally liked it), but there’s no doubt these posters were, and still are, wonderful.


It would be great to see more posters like this. Studios should commission artists to create some inspiring pieces like these for all the comic book movies that get released every year.

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