A short while ago I posted news about today’s Build-a-Bear promotion – ‘pay your age’ – and the apparent ‘carnage’ that it’s caused. The promotion – designed to give customers the opportunity to buy bears on the cheap has proved so successful that Build-a-Bear have had to abandon it early doors, leaving a number of customers rather disappointed.

Sad times – especially if you really wanted a bear.

So, how do you still get a Build-a-Bear bear on the cheap, now that the promotion has ended? Well, turns out you don’t necessarily need to be at today’s event – the ‘pay your age’ promotion is actually an ongoing thing!

Build-a-Bear’s Bonus Club

Today’s event was designed to cause interest in a new scheme and increase the amount of club members that Build-a-Bear has. The idea was that all customers taking part in the promotion had to sign-up to become a member of Build-a-Bear’s Bonus Club.

The club offers a number of perks, including reward schemes and early access to new bears etc. It will also include its own ‘pay your age’ bear incentive called Count Your Candles.

So, how do I get a discounted bear?

If you missed out on today’s ‘pay your age’ bear promotion, then fear not, what you now need to do is sign up to the Bonus Club scheme.

According to the Build-a-Bear website, the new Count Your Candles program is currently in the works. This promotion will mean that during your child’s birthday month you will be able to get a bear for the same price as the age they are turning (i.e. a two-year-old means the bear would cost £2).

The Count Your Candles scheme is noted as ‘coming soon’, but it’s worth looking into as birthday’s are annual events.

So, avoid the ‘carnage’ and sack off the queues, there is more than one way to get a wallet-friendly bear, apparently.