Today, Build-a-Bear launched a special new ‘pay your age’ promotion. The promotion is as follows: Take your child (or at least ‘a’ child) into store, choose a bear and pay the equivalent of the child’s age (i.e. a 2-year-old = £2).

Great offer, right?

You bet ya it is – which is why pretty much every Build-a-Bear around the country is currently filled with lots, and lots, and lots of customers (and their kids) all keen to take up the offer. So many customers in fact that The Mirror has described the event as “carnage”.

According to The Mirror, some customers have been queuing for up to six hours to get their bears.


Understandably, with demand far exceeding expectations, Build-a-Bear have had to cut the promotion off at the source.

A spokesperson for Build-a-Bear said:

“The crowds have greatly exceeded our expectations and, per local authorities, queues are at capacity and we cannot accept additional guests due to extreme crowds and safety concerns.

“We understand our guests are disappointed, and we are working to address the situation.”

So, if you go down to Build-a-Bear today you’re in for a big surprise. You’ll probably be turned away.