Over the past month (or so) I’ve been playing catch-up with Netflix shows and shows set within the Arrowverse. These catch-up sessions have so far included The Rain (great), Dark (so-so), Lost in Space (fun), Supergirl Season 3 (really enjoyable), The Flash Season 4 (a joy), Arrow Season 6 (hard work), Luke Cage Season 2 (damn cool) and Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 (a fun watch).

Having now caught up on all the Arrowverse shows and finding myself fairly up-to-date with Netflix (well… mostly), this week I’ve turned my attention to Disney’s recent DuckTales reboot. The first season of DuckTales has been trickling onto the air since late last year, so over the last couple of days I’ve been catching up on everything I’ve missed.

To date, 16 episodes of DuckTales have aired with at least another four episodes lined up later this month. Having now watched the 16 episodes to air I can safely say this DuckTales reboot is fab.

I loved the original DuckTales cartoon of the late ’80s, so when this new take started I was a little dubious that it could live up to my fond memories of watching the show on a Saturday morning. Thankfully, this latest incarnation doesn’t disappoint and presents a fun, colourful and highly entertaining show perfect for all ages.

OK, so DuckTales 2.0 (as with DuckTales 1.0) is clearly designed with the younger generation in mind, but that doesn’t mean it can’t appeal to an older generation too. There’s a lot of humour packed into each episode and there’s enough familiarity with the original series to satisfy the nostalgia crowd (myself included).

All of the classic characters have been retained for this series and so has the original theme tune, albeit with a few tweaks. Of course, with this being something new the characters have been given a little makeover here and there, but it’s mostly just a cosmetic overhaul and nothing too drastic.

Ducktales TV

Image: ©Walt Disney

I could easily list all of the episodes of DuckTales Season One as highlights, as I’ve yet to discover a duff entry, however standout tales so far include The Great Dime Chase (episode 3), The House of the Lucky Gander (episode 6) and Beware the B.U.D.D.Y System! (episode 11). That last episode is doubly good as it includes both Gizmoduck and Darkwing Duck – two fantastic, fan-favourite characters.

Based on his brief appearance in Beware the B.U.D.D.Y System!, a Darkwing Duck revival simply must happen. It must!

It’s not just the episodes that are worth a mention – the DuckTales cast is also top notch, with David Tennant PERFECT as Scrooge McDuck. The fact that Catherine Tate – Tennant’s friend and former Doctor Who colleague – is playing Magica De Spell is the icing on the cake.

DuckTales is a brilliant animated show and certainly worth a watch. I’ve had a blast catching up with this one and I’ll be checking out the remaining episodes of the season, once they air.