Over the past month (or so) I’ve been playing catch-up with Netflix shows and shows set within the Arrowverse. These catch-up sessions have so far included The Rain (great), Dark (so-so), Lost in Space (fun), Supergirl Season 3 (really enjoyable), The Flash Season 4 (a joy), Arrow Season 6 (hard work) and Luke Cage Season 2 (damn cool).

This week I’m back in the Arrowverse, completing the final show in this year’s quartet – Legends of Tomorrow Season 3. This is the season where Damien Darhk continued to cause problems for the Legends; where Wally West joined the team; and where we bid farewell to Firestorm.

Of all the shows in the Arrowverse, Legends of Tomorrow is easily my favourite. Sure, it’s daft, the rules of time travel seem to go out the window at a moment’s notice and the cast members come and go quite frequently, but boy, is it fun!

Unlike Arrow which takes itself too seriously or The Flash which has a lot going on, Legends keeps things simple, meaning it’s easy to dip in and out without fear of missing anything. It’s also shorter in length – around five episodes less than its companion shows – which means it doesn’t wear out its welcome.

It might sound odd for me to say I love Legends because it’s shorter, but it’s true. I feel like I get just the right amount of episodes without me getting bored and this season was no exception.

Now that said, by seasons end I did want more. I wanted more from the show, but more importantly I wanted more from the core characters.

Every Arrowverse show has a strong cast, but for me Legends has one of the best casts. The actors understand the pantomime-esque vibe of the show and play it up at every opportunity, relishing the chance to dress up as cowboys or pirates or whatever the dress code is.


Image: The CW/DC Entertainment

This season has seen some colourful characters, from P.T. Barnum and Elvis Presley to Barack Obama and Helen of Troy. As with past seasons, this mix of characters has presented some interesting tales, creating a bizarre mix that sometimes plays like an episode of Quantum Leap, other times like Doctor Who and more often than not, a bit like Sliders.

Episodes highlights this year have included Phone Home (episode 4), Beebo the God of War (episode 9), Amazing Grace (episode 14) and the season finale, The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly. Oh and of course, the Arrowverse crossover episode.

For me, this has been another strong season and a shining example of why this show is a much needed part of the Arrowverse. Without it and without its cast, the Arrowverse would be a lot less fun – and perhaps a little too serious.

Legends of Tomorrow Season Three is available to purchase digitally.