It’s been a busy week at It’s A Stampede! HQ, and every time I’ve decided to sit down to watch a new series on Netflix, something has caused me to get distracted. Quite often, that distraction has actually been another new show, including the hilarious The Break with Michelle Wolf which is far too funny for words.

You’re not watching The Break with Michelle Wolf? Oh, you must!

Anyway, on my continuing journey to catch up with all of the shows that keep popping up on Netflix, this week I’ve finally arrived at Lost in Space – the reboot of the classic ’60s TV series about a group of people who are… well… lost in space. Counting the likes of Toby Stephens and Parker Posey amongst its cast, Lost in Space is a beautifully shot sci-fi series about exploration, survival and family.

The show sees a team of colonists (including the Robinson family) knocked off course, while searching for a new planet to call home. Crash landing on a habitable, yet dying world, the colonists need to find a way to get back into space in order to continue their mission.

So far, I’m eight episodes into Lost in Space’s ten-episode run and I’m pleased to say I’m really enjoying it. I’m not binge watching it – it’s more of an episode-a-day kind of thing – but my interest has built with each new story.

I feel it’s important to note that this is a series which has a slow start – so if you’re thinking of watching this show, don’t let the first hour or two put you off. The rocky beginning almost scuppered my interest in Lost in Space, but once I’d let the first couple of episodes wash over me I found myself on board.

The strength of the show lies in its cast, in particular Maxwell Jenkins who excels in the role of Will Robinson and Parker Posey who takes on the part of Dr. Smith – a role previously inhabited by Jonathan Harris in the ’60s show and Gary Oldman in the ’90s movie. Both Jenkins and Posey drive this series, taking very different, but very interesting journeys.

For Jenkins, this journey includes being teamed-up with the show’s most significant special effect, the robot – a character who takes up a lot of screen time and becomes just as important as any other character in the show. A lesser actor would stumble with the responsibility of helping the robot come to life, yet Jenkins never misses a beat and the Will Robinson/Robot storyline becomes a key focus of the series.

As for Posey, she is perfectly cast in the role of the scheming and rather sinister Dr. Smith. TV villain of the year? Hmm… it’s possible.

Lost in Space Parker Posey

Image: ©Netflix

Of the episodes I’ve watched so far, Eulogy – the show’s sixth episode – is the standout story. Captivating from the start, Eulogy is an emotional hour of television and the episode which really sold me on the strengths of Lost in SpacePressurized and Trajectory – episodes seven and eight – are also good, while Infestation – the third story in the series – is great little, low budget tale.

So yeah, Lost in Space is working for me and personally, I find it great viewing as a post-work/teatime treat. Sometimes you just need a straight forward sci-fi series to wind down to and I feel that this is a perfect example.

But what are your thoughts on Lost in Space? Are you a fan? What do you like/dislike about the show? Let me know in the comments section below.