This week has been a pretty big week for comics, thanks to the arrival of Brian Michael Bendis at DC Comics. After years of crafting stories for Marvel, Bendis has moved to DC and his first major project is The Man of Steel issue #1 – the first issue in a new run of Superman stories.

Is it any good?

Yes. Yes, it is.

If you like classic Superman books then I can’t see why you wouldn’t like The Man of Steel issue #1 – a comic which doesn’t look to make huge sweeping changes in a single issue, but instead aims to give readers what they want most – Superman of course! So, that’s The Daily Planet, the iconic red trunks, daring rescues and a dash of Lois Lane.

Is the comic perfect? No, but it’s a good start.

Unlike recent DC reboots, which try to make big statements, The Man of Steel is more of a continuation of what we all like about the character. Sure there are hints of sizeable shake-ups to come, with only some of those coming from new villain Rogol Zaar, but for now this comic wants fans to embrace what’s on offer and in my opinion it is worth your time and money.

So, that’s what I think, but what have the critics been saying about The Man of Steel issue #1? Let’s find out…

  • Ricky Church of Flickering Myth awarded The Man of Steel #1 a score of 8 (out of 10) and said: “Bendis makes a great formal entrance into DC with The Man of Steel #1. It’s a shame we don’t see a bit more of Superman’s supporting characters in this issue and the ending is a little abrupt, but Bendis’ focus on Superman and this mysterious new villain shows he has a good handle on the title hero.”
  • Jesse Schedeen of IGN was also pretty impressed with The Man of Steel issue #1, awarding it a score of 8.4 (out of 10). He said: “The future looks bright for DC’s Superman comics.”
  • Jim Johnson of CBR said: “Did we really need another Man of Steel #1? Probably not, but like a second helping of dessert, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t go down good. The initial Rebirth era of Superman might sadly be over, but the Bendis era is off to a fun, fitting and worthwhile start.”
  • Colin Tessier of Bam Smack Pow awarded The Man of Steel #1 a score of 3.5 (out of 5) and was complimentary about the book, but is concerned about potential changes on the horizon. He said: “Bendis’ first offering of his rendition of Superman offers plenty of potential. Between comedic moments and believable, intriguing looks at the dynamic between Superman and average people, there’s plenty to like about this issue. Zaar also seems like a somewhat promising villain with more development. However, it is worrisome that Bendis is already planting seeds for wholesalechanges to the Superman family.”
  • And finally, Robert Reed of Adventures in Poor Taste, gave the comic 7.5 (out of 10) and said: “The new era for Superman is here, and if Man of Steel #1 is any indication, it’s going to be a good one. Brian Michael Bendis feels like he has a good take on Superman’s character, and the artwork by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Alex Sinclair makes this a wonderful debut. While the villain Rogol Zaar doesn’t quite pop, Superman certainly does, and that’s what’s most important.”

So, the general consensus is that The Man of Steel #1 is a good first issue and a promising start for Superman. As mentioned, this first issue isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, instead its just adding new tyres – let’s see if this remains the case in a few issues time.

Issue #1 of The Man of Steel is available to buy in comic shops and digital stores now. Issue #2 is on sale next week.



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