I’ve got Star Wars news and it’s not great.

After a pretty lacklustre opening, Solo: A Star Wars Story has struggled again this weekend with a less than stellar performance at the box office. And when I say “less than stellar”, I mean pretty poor.

When I last posted about Solo (a couple of days ago), the film had reached $197,468,465 at the worldwide box office. As of today, the film has accumulated $264,188,692 at the worldwide box office, which is not a great increase for a Star Wars movie.

With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hitting cinemas shortly (it arrives in the UK this Wednesday), Solo is really going to struggle to regain any lost ground now. I really hate to say it, but the film has pretty much squandered its only real chance of becoming a big hit this summer.

It’s possible the film will continue to pick up decent numbers on a week-by-week basis over the course of its run, but with even more competition on the horizon in the form of The Incredibles 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Mission: Impossible – Fallout amongst others, Solo is likely to fall by the wayside.

The silver lining?

The DVD/Blu-ray/digital sales are likely to be pretty decent. I for one will be picking it up.