A short while ago, I posted the list of this year’s winners of the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Amongst 2018’s winners was Love, Simon – a movie I’ve talked about numerous times on It’s A Stampede!.

At last night’s awards, Love, Simon received two nominations. Of those two nominations, the movie won one of the awards – the most important award it was nominated for: Best Kiss.

Why is this important?


It is important because, it was the only same-sex kissing scene featured amongst the shortlist of nominees; Love, Simon was up against some very popular movies and TV shows, including Stranger Things and Ready Player One; and by winning it demonstrated that the general public do not have a problem with same-sex kiss scenes. Remember, the MTV Awards are voted by the general public and not by some dinosaurs with bugs up their butts.

As previously discussed on It’s A Stampede!, Love, Simon is a HUGELY important movie – for the LGBTQ community, but also to the world as a whole. As a mainstream movie, and one aimed at teens in particular, it is a film which says ‘hey, you be who you need to be and don’t let anyone else get in the way.’

To date, Love, Simon has won two awards – the aforementioned MTV Award and a Golden Trailer Award – so really, I should now be referring to the film as ‘the award-winning Love, Simon‘. And as ‘the award-winning Love, Simon it continues to entertain, inform and inspire. 🙂

In addition to Love, Simon‘s important win at the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2018, it must also be noted that this has been a GREAT YEAR for representation. Amongst this year’s winners, Black Panther picked up four awards, Wonder Woman picked up one award and American comedian and actress, Tiffany Haddish also picked up an award.

The world is changing – sometimes it seems like it’s going in the wrong direction, but sometimes we just need to look past all the crap and see the good. Audiences are voting, championing and demanding representation and it’s starting to filter through.

Will the playing field ever be level? Hope springs eternal, but realism suggests it’ll always be an uphill struggle. The important thing to note is that views are changing and eventually those who refuse to change will simply get left behind.


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