On Friday, the second season of Queer Eye arrived on Netflix, bringing eight more episodes of makeovers, life-changing advice and positivity. As with the first season, the Fab Five – Tan, Antoni, Karamo, Bobby & Jonathan – are travelling around America (Georgia to be exact) dispensing help and guidance along the way.

Is this second season another slice of awesomeness?

You bet your sweet Aunt Fanny it is!

During the course of this season, the Fab Five help a church-going lady and her son; they re-energise a former student who failed to receive his diploma (and now lacks direction); and they meet a transgender man who is looking for a way to update his look. Of course, there are far more stories to tell in this series, but let’s start with the transgender focused episode first – Sky’s the Limit – as it is a must-watch.

Hands down, Sky’s the Limit – which focuses on trans man, Skyler – is one of the most important pieces of television this year. Is it because it’s the best episode of Queer Eye so far? No, it’s actually not. It’s because it is one of the most informative episodes of Queer Eye and one of the most informative pieces of television you are likely to see in 2018.

If you know nothing about the trans community and you simply want to know more, then watch Sky’s the Limit. As noted in the show, and being noted by me now, people assume that if you’re part of the LGBTQ community then you know all there is to know about trans issues. This is not the case.

In the episode, fashion expert, Tan admits he doesn’t know enough about the issues that the trans community face. I also hold my hands up and say exactly the same thing.

By watching this episode and seeing the journey that Skyler undertakes, I feel like I have a greater understanding of some of the issues that many people take for granted. Not because the episode gives a detailed rundown of every aspect of Skyler’s life, but because it provides the opportunity to hear directly from someone who is just trying to live their life like everybody else.

In contrast, by allowing Tan to openly admit there are areas of his knowledge and understanding that he’d like to improve upon, the show demonstrates that even experts aren’t afraid to learn new things. For me, this is the sign of not only a good show, but also an important show too.


Image: Netflix

And speaking of Queer Eye being important, as with last season I feel like I’m on a journey with this series myself. Not only does watching this show make me feel inspired to try a little harder and to view things a little different, but to also ask questions about myself.

During the course of the series, Tan (him again) makes a comment that even though he’s openly gay and married, there are times in the past where he has hidden himself away a little, to make other people feel more comfortable. That is, until he realised he shouldn’t have to make other people feel more comfortable, if they feel uncomfortable that’s on them, not on him.

Again, I feel like I’ve been guilty of this too without even realising it. Not nowadays, but I do wonder if at times I’ve used the phrases ‘partner’ or ‘other-half’ instead of ‘boyfriend’ or ‘husband’, because I’ve not wanted the other person in the conversation to feel awkward.

Hmm… it is certainly something to think about.

Anyway, back to the mesmerising, upbeat joy that is Season Two of Queer Eye.

If you LOVED Season One of Queer Eye, then you will love this new season just as much – I promise you. There will be tears, but they’re all worth it; and there will be smiles a-plenty.

The opening episode, God Bless Gay gives this season a fantastic start, but every episode along the way provides something different and something of value. The series also continually reinforces the fact that while some corners of the world are trying to push a hate-filled rhetoric at the moment, there are many good people out there who just want to help and improve things for others.

Queer Eye might be just a TV show, but it’s a TV show that is fast becoming a valuable tool for learning and understanding, casting an eye over the big issues of the day and addressing them in a safe place. A place where different viewpoints can be addressed and where we can see the person at the heart of every story.

Best show on TV right now? Heck, yes.

Queer Eye Season Two is available to stream on Netflix now.