This time last week, Solo: A Star Wars Story hit cinemas, ushering in a new chapter in the sprawling Star Wars Universe. Some people liked the movie, some didn’t, but regardless of its critical reception one thing is clear – Solo: A Star Wars Story is struggling at the box office.

At present, after a week on release, the movie has accumulated $197,468,465, which might sound a lot of money to you or I, but it’s not great for a Star Wars movie. To put things into perspective, the most recent Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi (2017) made $220,009,584 in its opening weekend alone.

However way you cut it, Solo: A Star Wars Story is struggling and while that’s not all that surprising on this occasion – as the appetite for this film just doesn’t seem to be there – it is a shame. No one realises this more than Solo‘s co-writer, Jon Kasdan who is aware of the film’s box office shortcomings, but is also appreciative of the positive comments directed towards the movie.

Taking to Twitter to address the commercial and critical response to Solo: A Star Wars Story, Kasdan, said: “Look, ‘fell short of expectations’ isn’t what anyone hopes to hear in the bedroom or at the box office but, mostly, I’m just thrilled by the reaction to #Solo. And if ya want more #underworld stories, keep askin’ Disney and Lucasfilm for ’em! Believe it or not, they listen.”

Jon Kasdan

There are a number of reasons for Solo‘s struggles and Disney and Lucasfilm are no doubt looking to address these as they move forward with the Star Wars series. Will this include more Solo movies? At this stage it’s unclear. But, if Kasdan is to be believed, both Disney and Lucasfilm are paying attention to what fans have to say.

If you liked Solo then make it known to the powers that be and if you didn’t like Solo, direct some of your constructive criticism towards Disney & Lucasfilm, so they know what worked and what didn’t. Feedback, both good and bad, could help shape the next Star Wars film and that can only benefit the series in the long run, right?