Across the course of 65 episodes of the 1980s animated show, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, Goose, Doc, Niko and Zachary Foxx duked it out with a vile collection of villains. Some were truly depraved, while others were simply a little wacky.

In this post, I am taking a look at the best Galaxy Rangers villains from the entire run of the show. From ruthless royalty to ancient evil, here are the best baddies.

Oh, and before you ask, no, Lazarus Slade is not on this list. I don’t care if he did get an action figure in the short-lived Galaxy Rangers toy line, he was a pretty rubbish bad guy.


The best Galaxy Rangers villains

Here are the six best villains from The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

The Queen of the Crown

Let’s begin with the obvious choice for a list of best Galaxy Rangers villains – The Queen of the Crown.

Uncompromising and deadly, the Queen of the Crown rules with an iron fist. She might not be a physical threat, but she has a seemingly endless array of followers and allies who will do her bidding and this makes her incredibly powerful.

The Queen of the Crown appears in multiple episodes throughout the series, and it is fair to say these tend to be the better episodes of the show. If that’s not an endorsement of her evil excellence, then what is?



Arguably the most colourful of the Galaxy Rangers villains, Nimrod first encounters the team when he forces them to take part in his bizarre gameshow. It is here that he demonstrates how dangerous he can be!

Sure, Nimrod might not look menacing, but as he proved to the Rangers, he certainly has a sinister side. And it just goes to show, you never know what is lurking below the surface.


The sentient space station

In the episode, Ghost Station the Galaxy Rangers cross paths with a sentient space station. The station has a defence mechanism which causes a few headaches for the team, but worst of all, it almost signals the end of the Rangers.


The Queen’s Champion

Short on words, but good with a blaster, the Queen’s Champion is an intimidating figure. He is loyal to his Queen, and certainly someone not to be crossed and while he only appears briefly in the show, he is a pretty cool-looking bad guy.


Captain Kidd

Captain Kidd is an opportunist, and as such, this makes him very, very untrustworthy.

Does this make Captain Kidd a villain? I will leave that for you to decide, but either way, can he ever truly be counted on?



And finally, the Scarecrow is a malevolent force of evil and one who is arguably worse than the Queen of the Crown.  Why? Because there is simply no reasoning with him.

The Scarecrow is pure evil and no matter how many times the Rangers defeat him, he comes back time and time again for one last scare.



The best (or should that be worst?) Galaxy Rangers villains are:

  • The Queen of the Crown
  • Nimrod
  • The sentient space station 
  • The Queen’s Champion
  • Captain Kidd
  • Scarecrow 

These foes certainly keep the Rangers on their toes and should not be trusted – ever.


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