Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this post, which pleads for a new release of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers on Blu-ray, it has to be noted that Galaxy Rangers has already received a Blu-ray release. I know this to be true because I own the Blu-ray.

In fact, as I sit here and type these words, I can see the Galaxy Rangers Blu-ray on my shelf. The Blu-ray holds all the wonder of the classic ‘80s cartoon series, and it wants me, nay begs me, to watch it. But I can’t.

The reason I can’t watch my copy of the Galaxy Rangers Blu-ray is because it is in German. Sadly, I don’t speak German.


The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers on Blu-ray


The Galaxy Rangers Blu-ray was released in Germany in late 2012, and included all 65 episodes in one compact set. As this release was intended for the German market, the audio track was in German.

This was great news for German Galaxy Rangers fans, but not so great for the rest of the world. But no problem, thought I, I will just buy the Blu-ray, switch the language to English and enjoy the show!

And that’s when I hit the big stumbling block – there is no English language audio track. In fact, German is the only audio track on the disc and there are no English subtitles either.

To date, this is the only Blu-ray release of Galaxy Rangers. No other country has released the show on Blu-ray, not even in the US, and at present there is no indication any country will.

Now I have contemplated dusting off my old German text books from my high school days, in the hope I can learn the language… but it all seems like a lot of hard work. 

Heck, I’ve even looked up a guide to learning German on YouTube, but I’m not sure I have progressed past “wo ist die disco?”*

*Translation: “Where is the disco?”

So, yeah… this Blu-ray release isn’t for me.

And if you are wondering, I don’t know where the disco is either.


Galaxy Rangers on DVD

OK, so I’ve established that there is a Blu-ray release of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, but the language issue is problematic for some fans of the show (including myself).

Is there an alternative?

Well yes, there is a DVD release – and it does feature an English audio track.

To date, Galaxy Rangers has been released on DVD in a number of ways, including Region 1 multi-episode releases, as well as a complete Region 2 series boxset. The complete Region 2 series boxset hit shelves in 2008, and while this is also a German release, there is the option to watch in English.

Is the DVD an acceptable alternative? Yeah, sure – but it’s not a Blu-ray.


If DVD works for you, then there is a way to view the show in full. If you can track down a copy (on the secondary market) then embrace it and dive right in!

But come on, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers still needs a new Blu-ray release, with multiple language tracks, an upgraded/remastered picture, much wider availability, and swanky packaging. This is a classic show from the 1980s and it deserves some love!

Will it happen?

*Shrugs shoulders*

I am ever hopeful, but I am also a realist. The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was not as popular as some of the other ‘80s cartoons, so it may not (re)appear on Blu-ray.

But it should. It really should. Don’t you think?


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