Today I’m serving up a guide on what to watch after you see A Quiet Place. Directed by John Krasinski (who also stars in the movie alongside real-life wife, Emily Blunt), A Quiet Place is a creepy horror movie about a family trying to survive against monsters that react to sound.

The majority of the movie is mostly silent, resulting in a nerve shredding experience which reminds us just how important sound is. Of course, this isn’t the first horror movie to use sound as its USP – below are three examples of other great horror films which make use of sound in the best possible way.


Tremors (1990)

Image: Universal Pictures

Directed by Ron Underwood, Tremors is a good ol’ fashioned monster movie which is low on budget, but high on scares. It’s also a great little movie which asks hardly anything from you but offers quite a lot in return.

The concept is pretty simple: A small town is tormented by worm-like creatures which live underground. The creatures react to sound vibrations, so as long as you don’t make a sound you’re safe. But what kind of horror movie would that be, if everyone was safe?

Triggered by vibrations, one-by-one the worm-like creatures come up to the surface to pick off the townsfolk until on a few remain. Tremors is simple, yet very, very effective.


Hush (2016)

Image: Netflix

Directed by Mike Flanagan, Hush is a home invasion movie with a twist – the householder at the centre of this movie is deaf. So, while we the audience can see and hear everything that’s going on, the same rules do not apply for the victim at the centre of this engaging tale.

Hush is one of those films, like Tremors, which takes a simple concept and runs with it.


Don’t Breathe (2016)

Don't Breathe

And finally, Don’t Breathe – a movie which continues the home invasion theme of the previous movie, but introduces a new wrinkle.

In Don’t Breathe, three friends break into the house of a blind man. Figuring it will be an easy job – so long as they don’t make a sound – the group plan to be in and out of the house before they are noticed. Thing is, they don’t count on the blind man being quite so attuned to his surroundings.

Don’t Breathe is a tense game of cat and mouse where sound plays a key role in survival. But who exactly is trying to survive here – the blind man or the burglars?


Bonus mention: Hush – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1999)

Buffy Hush
Image: 20th Century Fox

And of course, no discussion on sound & horror could pass without an honourable mention for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, Hush.

Hush is a largely silent episode in which the demonic Gentlemen arrive in the town of Sunnydale (home to Buffy Summers). Stripping the townsfolk of their voices, the Gentlemen proceed to attack their victims without a care, knowing full well that no one will be able to cry out for help.

If you’ve never seen Hush, then now is the time to rectify that situation – it is brilliant.


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