Running from September 1996 to March 1999, Jumanji (aka Jumanji: The Animated Series) comprised 40 episodes spread across three seasons. The show utilised characters from the first live-action Jumanji movie (the one that starred Robin Williams) but also introduced new concepts and characters along the way.

Below is a guide to Jumanji, highlighting the key points of the series including significant characters and memorable moments.



1.) The core cast of characters in the Jumanji cartoon includes most of the characters featured in the movie: Alan Parrish, Aunt Norah, Judy and Peter Shepherd, as well as the villainous hunter, Van Pelt.

2.) Bill Fagerbakke voiced the character of Alan Parrish, while Melanie Chartoff, Debi Derryberry, Ashley Johnson and Sherman Howard voiced the characters of Norah, Judy, Peter and Van Pelt, respectively. Tim Curry had a recurring role as Jumanji’s resident trader, J.H. Slick.

3.) While the movie and the animated series shared similarities, there was a key difference. In the movie, elements of Jumanji are brought into the real world; while in the cartoon Alan is trapped in Jumanji, and Judy & Peter are regularly transported into the game.

4.) One of the ongoing story beats in the series is the idea that Alan does not know how to get home. He needs to solve an unknown riddle in order to escape.

5.) When Alan meets Peter and Judy for the first time, he claims he has been trapped in the world of Jumanji for 23 years. It is later revealed that he entered the game in 1965, which means based on the date the show first aired, he was actually trapped for 21 years.


6.) Alan isn’t the only person trapped in the world of Jumanji. Children’s toys seen within the game suggest other kids have been trapped at some point too.

7.) In the episode, Robo-Peter, Peter is temporarily replaced by a robot from Jumanji. The robot’s main objective is to lure more children into the game.

8.) A recurring theme throughout the first season of Jumanji is Peter’s constant cheating. As punishment Jumanji regularly transforms Peter into an animal – an idea also used in the movie.

9.) One of the creepiest characters in Jumanji is The Stalker – a Grim Reaper-like character who is feared throughout the world of Jumanji. In the episode The Gift, The Stalker enlists the aid of various villains to kill Peter, Judy and Alan.


10.) In the episode Law of Jumanji, Peter (temporarily) kills Van Pelt. With Van Pelt removed from the game, Peter slowly takes on the characteristics of the hunter.

Jumanji cartoon

11.) In the episode, Stormy Weather, Alan is struck by lightning and killed. Distraught, by what’s happened, Judy & Peter use a time travel device to try and prevent Alan’s death. It takes various attempts but they succeed.

12.) In The Master of the Game, Alan, Peter & Judy meet another player trapped in the game – the self-dubbed ‘Master of Jumanji’. During the course of the episode, the gang inadvertently solve the ‘Master’s’ riddle, which releases him from the game.


13.) Although his parents never appear in the series, Alan mentions that his father is a hunter, just like Van Pelt. This is a nod to the original movie, where actor Jonathan Hyde played two roles: Sam Parrish (Alan’s father) and Van Pelt.

14.) In the final episode, Goodbye, Jumanji, it is revealed that Alan’s previously unseen riddle is as follows: ‘An act of kindness where there is no light, will help to save you from your plight.’

15.) During the course of the final episode, Alan pulls a thorn out of a lion’s paw, which turns out to be the act of kindness mentioned in his riddle. The lion is the same lion that chased Alan when he first arrived in the game.

16.) Once Alan is safely back in his home town of Brantford, Peter asks Judy what they should do with the Jumanji game board. They both decide it would be best to burn the game and bury it to stop it causing any further mischief; however, as the series comes to a close the game board remains intact in Peter and Judy’s attic.


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