Ah yes, that age old question: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Oh, wait, I’ve already answered that question.

I’ve also answered whether or not Die Hard 2 is a Christmas movie. It is.

So, what is today’s question?

Oh yeah: Is Lethal Weapon a Christmas movie?


Let’s look at the how Christmassy the film is.

  • Lethal Weapon opens with the song Jingle Bell Rock playing over the titles.
  • Christmas trees, as well as Christmas lights can be seen throughout the opening scene.
  • Ten minutes into the film, Riggs arrests a gang of drug dealers who are posing as Christmas tree sellers.
  • During a scene in which Riggs contemplates suicide, he is sat in front of the television watching a Looney Tunes Christmas special.
  • A group of cops can be seen practising a rendition of Silent Night.
  • As the film concludes, the movie plays out to the song I’ll Be Home for Christmas.
Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures

And if all that wasn’t enough, the finale of Lethal Weapon takes place at the Murtaugh residence, where both the interior and exterior of the property is decked out in Christmas decorations. Oh, and Scrooge (1951) is playing on television.

Plus, there’s the whole storyline of Riggs feeling suicidal over the death of his wife, but finding a reason to live by connecting with Murtaugh and his family etc. That’s got Christmas spirit stamped all over it, right?


So, is Lethal Weapon a Christmas movie?


Lethal Weapon isn’t about Christmas, but it is set at Christmas and does feature various nods to the festive period.

Now stop asking questions. I’m getting too old for this.

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