Earlier in the week I published a post which asked a very important question: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? If you missed the post then let me make it very clear now – YES IT IS!

Today I’m asking another important question: Is Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990) a Christmas movie?


Yes – Die Hard 2 IS a Christmas movie.

Here are the reasons why Die Hard 2 is a Christmas movie:

  • Die Hard 2 takes place on Christmas Eve.
  • The movie is set at Washington Dulles International Airport where many people are travelling into/out of the city for the holiday season.
  • During the opening of the movie the Christmas song, Carol of the Bells plays in the background.
  • 29mins into the movie, John McClane – as played by Bruce Willis – is called ‘the Ghost of Christmas Past’, in a nod to the events of Die Hard (1988) and a reference to the Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol.
  • Around the 43mins 30secs mark, McClane mentions eggnog and turkey.
  • The movie concludes with the song, Let it Snow!.
  • Christmas trees, presents, decorations, poinsettias, a church and snow appear throughout the movie.

As with Die Hard, Die Hard 2 is set at Christmas time, features various references to the holiday season and sees John McClane save his wife and various other people from terrorists just in time for Christmas Day.

So yeah, Die Hard 2 IS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE.


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