British catalogue company, Argos has unveiled something truly exciting: The Book of Dreams. The Book of Dreams is a website carrying digital copies of every Argos catalogue since the 1970s.



Why is this exciting?

Because these catalogues are filled with pages and pages of products from yesteryear, including all of the major toy lines that filled shelves in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Just like these…

From Visionaries and Star Wars, to Aliens, Biker Mice From Marks and Masters of the Universe, countless iconic brands fill the pages of these catalogues. Heck, there are even toys I had clean forgotten about (Acorn Green, anyone?).

Last night I spent a great deal of time digitally thumbing through the old catalogues to revisit the past and to check out the prices. This is something I have done before – and discussed in a previous post – but it always amazes me at just how inexpensive the toys were, especially when compared to how much they sell for nowadays.


For example, in one book, a Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull playset is listed at a price of £21.95. I have just undertaken a quick search on eBay for the same item and someone recently sold Castle Grayskull for £137!

That’s a profit of more than £100 – and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In 1986, the ThunderCats‘ ‘light-up’ Sword of Omens was available for £3.95. Last week on eBay, a seller sold the same sword for a whopping £140.95.

*Mouth drops open in shock*

Some of the price differences are just insane – but also indicative of how well-loved many of these toy lines are.


Now, if someone could lend me their time machine so I could go back and pick up a few of these toys, I’d really appreciate it.


If you want to browse The Book of Dreams then check out the Argos site. But be warned, you will lose countless hours looking at page after page after page of stuff you wish you had kept hold of.

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