Earlier this week, Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+ launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and various other subscription-based services, Disney+ offers up a huge collection of titles for a monthly fee.

The big difference between Disney+ and its competitors is the sheer amount of well-established content that is on offer. From Star Wars and Marvel movies to Walt Disney Classics and The Simpsons, Disney+ has something to appeal to various tastes in entertainment.

Will Disney+ succeed in the long-run? Well, despite a few technical glitches on launch day, the service has already signed up over 10 million subscribers. It’s certainly safe to say it is off to a good start and will be a strong competitor in the streaming market.

But it’s not just a packed catalogue that is driving Disney+, there is also the matter of new content, including the first live-action Star Wars show: The Mandalorian. The first episode was available on launch day and episode two landed on the service today.

The initial buzz surrounding the show has been extremely positive. Having watched the first episode myself, I can confirm it is definitely one for Star Wars fans – especially those who grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy.

What is important to note about the series – as well as various Disney+ shows that are on the horizon – is that The Mandalorian has a strong budget. Good money has been spent on this series, effectively replicating the big screen Star Wars stories for the small screen, but without the need to downgrade the quality.

This of course poses one very interesting question: If Lucasfilm/Disney can produce good quality Star Wars stories for streaming, does this signal the end of Star Wars on the big screen?


It is entirely possible. I do feel that The Mandalorian has changed everything.

Watching the first episode made me question if I am that bothered about watching new Star Wars movies at the cinema, after Episode IX lands in December. And I am unsure of the answer.

Right now I would happily watch more Star Wars TV shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Star Wars films, but once the Skywalker Saga ends, I believe I would be content with following Star Wars on the small screen.

The Mandalorian has tapped into the grim, downtrodden corner of the Star Wars universe and this is the Star Wars I am really interested in seeing more of. If it is television that delivers this type of Star Wars, then that’s fine.

I can’t say for sure whether The Mandalorian will maintain its high level of quality over the coming weeks, but for now it has demonstrated that good Star Wars stories are not confined to the cinema. A big change is here – let’s see what happens next.

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