As discussed on Sunday and on Monday, Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man spin-off movie, Morbius has been in town this week. Manchester’s Northern Quarter was transformed into Manhattan, for a few scenes that are expected to appear in the finished movie.

Shooting has now wrapped in the city and while I didn’t get to see much (if anything) of the shoot, due to a very busy week, knowing that a Spidey spin-off movie was being filmed just up the road was very exciting. I’ve also managed to keep my ear to the ground throughout the week, so I could learn a little more about what was filmed.

Here’s what I’ve been told by a source:

  • One of the filmed scenes involved Morbius watching his fiancee Martine Bancroft (as played by Adria Arjona).
  • Another scene had Morbius arguing with Loxias Crown (as played by Matt Smith).
  • The argument between Morbius and Crown took place in front of the subway station set.
  • At one point, Morbius was seen wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, suggesting he’d escaped from prison.

OK, so not a great deal to go on, but interesting nonetheless.

In addition to the above information, I can tell you that filming took place in a number of locations within the Northern Quarter, including Stevenson Square, Port Street, Dale Street and Oldham Street. The latter of which was used for a bustling New York street scene.

Night shoots and day shoots took place this week and at least one stunt was filmed. And as previously noted, there is a nod/in-joke reference to Kraven in the movie.

And yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Yesterday evening I took a walk over to the set to take another look. Things were pretty quiet and I was actually able to walk down Port Street once more – something that I haven’t been able to do for most of the week.

As you can see above, the Subway facade was still up, but it was clear to me that things were now winding down in Manchester. On the opposite side of the road some lighting equipment was also still rigged up (see below), but I expected this was shortly set to come down.

Tonight when I returned, all of the crew, cranes and security teams were gone and the Northern Quarter seemed to be back to normal. I guess now it’s a case of waiting until next year to see how much of Manchester ends up in the final cut.

Morbius hits cinema screens in 2020.

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