Yesterday I shared a few images of props that were being set up in Manchester, for use in the new Spider-Man spin-off movie, Morbius. Today I’ve snapped a couple more images (nothing too exciting), but I do have a few more details about the movie.

Before I get to the details, here are a couple of shots from the Northern Quarter, which is being decked out to look like Manhattan. As you can see, yellow taxi cabs line the streets and a lot of action is centred around Stevenson Square (as noted yesterday).

Yeah, so far, so generic. Anyway, I hung around the set for a little while this evening, sadly missing most of the action, but I did mange to spot something rather interesting on the side of a truck…

…Kraven Pastries?

Clearly this is some kind of an in-joke to Spidey villain, Kraven the Hunter. Kraven is the next character tipped to get his own spin-off movie, so presumably this is a little nod to the super villain.

OK, so what else have I learnt about Morbius?

A source told me that at least two scenes are being filmed in Manchester this week; one centres around Morbius attacking an ambulance in order to get blood, while the other scene revolves around a girl being chased by the FBI.

Jared Leto is reportedly in the city and a stunt was filmed today, but I believe this was with a stunt double. Filming on Morbius is set to run until Thursday.

Should you be in Manchester and you want to check out what’s going on, Stevenson Square is pretty much open to pedestrians. Port Street was closed today and it’s possible it’ll remain closed for the next few days.

As a reminder, Port Street is the location of the Front Street Subway Station set.

Filming got underway on Morbius earlier this month, in London. The film – a Sony Production – stars Jared Leto, Matt Smith and Tyrese Gibson and tells the origin of Marvel’s ‘living vampire’.

Morbius hits cinema screens in 2020.

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